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CD Christmas Ornaments – happy hooligans

How to Make CD Christmas Ornaments with paint and glitter.

We’ve been making tons of easy but beautiful handmade ornaments here in my daycare, and I’m really excited to show you our latest creation. We turned some old CDs and DVDs into gorgeous, glittery ornaments to hand on the Christmas tree.

And, hang on to your hats, my lovelies….  We used GLITTER! Lots and lots of glitter! I know. What has come over me?

CD Christmas Ornaments with paint and glitter

If you’ve been following us for a while, know I’m a total glitter-phobe. Truly. The thought of crafting with loose-glitter actually makes me a bit dizzy.  Well, a few weeks ago, I had to kill over an hour in Michael’s Crafts (yeah, torture, I know…). Well, I guess being surrounded by all that dazzling, crafty goodness, I lost my senses for a moment.  I threw caution to the wind, and I picked up a dozen or so teeny-tiny packets of glitter, thinking we MIGHT just give it a go here.

Sooo, last week, we took plunge, and you know what? It was AWESOME!  It’s true!! Glitter DOES make everything better! Check it out! We made these gorgeous CD Christmas ornaments with paint and glitter!

painted and glittered cd christmas ornament hanging in tree

Using old CD’s and DVD’s for preschool crafts is a great way to keep your crafting costs down. Here are some more ways to use them for your Christmas crafts this year:

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I actually think my irrational fear of glitter might be gone now. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. It really wasn’t bad at all!

We used the super-fine glitter, so that might have helped. It didn’t go everywhere, and it didn’t get tracked all over the house like I thought it would. It was really a very pleasant experience!

Let me tell you how we made our beautiful CD ornaments.

painted and glittered cd christmas ornaments

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Supplies for CD Christmas Ornaments:

supplies for cd Christmas ornaments with paint and glitter

How we made our CD Christmas ornaments with paint and glitter:

The hooligans started out by choosing a few paint colours to work with, and they painted their cds.

Some chose to keep their colours separate, and some blended them all together.

I chose to dip my brush into a couple of colours at a time, and kind of swirl the brush tip on the CD.  This made a really pretty effect.

CDs painted with acrylics

After the acrylics had dried (I gave them a blast with the hair-dryer), the hooligans squeezed on a generous helping of glitter glue and brushed it all over their CDs.

The more the merrier here.  You want those disks good and sticky to ensure the real glitter stays put.

glitter glue and glitter on a cd

If you’re not keen to jump aboard the glitter-train, you could totally call it a finished project right here.  They looked great at this point, but there was no stopping us;  it was full steam ahead.  Next stop: Glitter-town.

The hooligans selected 3 or 4 packets of glitter each, and they quite liberally dusted their cds with the stuff.

Ooooh my!  Can you even believe this is even happening in my house right now?

glitter covered cd and table top

Then we tipped the CDs upside down, and tapped any loose glitter off.

I’ll add a couple of tips about this step at the end of the post.

You should’ve heard the ooh’s and ahh’s when we realized what we’d created.

CDs covered in paint and glitter

Seriously!  Are you as excited as I am?

Then we placed the CDs by the fire, and when they were completely dry, I used a long length of gauzy ribbon to make a loop and a bow for each one.

Aren’t they just the prettiest CD ornaments ever?

What do you think?  Are you up for making some?

painted, glittered cd ornaments

A couple of Glitter tips from the pros:

Work over a tray:  To keep the glitter mess to a minimum, work over a tray when crafting with glitter.  That way, when you’re finished, you can tip any excess glitter into a ziplock or a container, and save it for next time.

2) Use playdough to clean up loose glitter: keep a ball of homemade play dough nearby to pick up any loose glitter after crafting. Simply roll the playdough over your work surface, and voila… you now have sparkly play dough AND the glitter mess is gone.

This is our favourite recipe for homemade play dough.

CD Christmas ornaments with paint and glitter

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