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Premature ejaculation may cause personal life issues:

Early climax causes Relationship problems. Stress is a common fall out of early coming sperm. Early ejaculation during sex causes stress in relationships.

Early discharge problem in man can cause fertility blockages. People may face fertility and reproductive ability issues with an early discharge of sperm in them. Patients suffering from a man early discharge problems may occasionally face fertilization difficulty. Couples, who are planning a child, may fail if ejaculation does not occur intravaginally because of early discharge problem.

Causes of Early Ejaculation

Not addressing ejaculation causes and treatment leads to fast wrapping up in the bedroom.

Physiological nature of quick discharge problem:

  • ejaculating too quickly because of irregular hormonal levels

Neurotransmitters pass abnormal levels of hormonal signals to the brain causing a hormone imbalance in your brain and thus you may be ejaculating too early.

The urethra tube runs from your bladder to see the urine out of your body. Inflammation and infection in your prostate or urethra can cause ejaculating too soon. 

  • Genetic traits you inherit from your parents

There is a myriad of causes of quick ejaculation and remedy. However, the exact cause of premature ejaculatory dysfunction is unknown. Health physicians and specialists attribute the Psychological issues stemming from Genetic traits to a large extent rather than Physiological causes for the treatment of early discharge.

  • Excessive masturbation can cause premature ejaculation

You can end premature ejaculation if you overcome the addiction of too much masturbation.

Psychological depression premature ejaculation

Psychological health issues include ejaculation depression and stress because of relationship problems. There is a relationship between performance anxiety and premature ejaculation. There are factors like unrealistic expectations about performance anxiety premature ejaculation, experience & guilt, history of sexual repression, and lack of confidence.

The first line of treatment for most doctors is to treat emotional problems.

Serotonin effects on delayed ejaculation solutions

The world is yet to discover the exact ejaculation pre cause wherein Serotonin may play a significant role in delayed ejaculation fix. Your nerve produces a chemical called Serotonin, which is a natural biological substance in your body. High secretion of serotonin in the brain can drive to delay premature ejaculation time. Moderate amounts can reduce the time to delay EJ, resulting in extreme premature ejaculation.

Other Factors affecting fast ejaculation help


Fast ejaculation depends on your age. Aging does not directly trigger easy ejaculation. However, aging may lead to certain biological and psychological changes both in erections and ejaculation. The feeling of ejaculation is about to happen is shorter, leading to an aging man ejaculate quicker.


Ejaculating earlier than usual disturbs the relationship equilibrium between you and your sexual partner. Fast ejaculation penetration can make you feel disturbed, irritable, angry, ashamed, embarrassing premature ejaculation, upset, and repel from sex with your partner. The concept of female pre ejaculation also affects you and your partner equally. Early fall during intercourse can create a vacuum between you and you are leading to a relationship breakup.

You need to talk about your PE causes and cure, which is an important step towards early emission treatment at home. You and your partner, both as a couple, should go for counseling or sex therapy. Doctors and counselors may prescribe some exercises for treating your early ejection problem solution.

The best way to go about sex when having discharge therapy is that the couple should learn ways to relax before sex. Remove all worry or performance anxiety from your and your partner’s mind as this extra pressure can aggravate the deterioration of the condition, making the instant emission problem worse.

Risk factors causes of early release of semen in men

ED and premature ejection treatment. ED may lead to an increased risk of early discharge home remedy treatment if you suffer occasionally or consistently from the trouble of attaining or sustaining an erection. The fear and anxiety of losing an erection will make you consciously or unconsciously hurry through sexual activities and will want to finish it as quickly as possible, leaving your partner unsatisfied.

Alternative medicine delayed discharge remedies

Many studies and researches on the alternative medicine for delayed emission in men include yoga delayed ejaculation, herbal treatment, and acupuncture. However, we need more research to test the efficacy of these therapies.

Appointment with Doctor for pre-ejection help

It is natural to feel embarrassed talking about early discharge problem solutions, but you need to rely on and trust your doctor. Doctors have experience having similar conversations with many patients. Early release is a problem, but a treatable health condition in men.


to Note Before visiting a Health Specialist


  • Symptoms. Note: how often do you pre ejaculate?
  • Patient’s sexual history. Remember to note all your relationships and sexual encounters history since the start of your sexual activities.
  • Patient’s Medical history. Make a list of any other medical conditions and treatments with doctors and their names who have diagnosed your physical and mental health conditions. Also, note the details of all medications and strengths you are currently on or in the past or have recently taken. Carry all the prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs medical bills along with you.


Questions early emission problem treatment to a doctor

  • What Tests o I need to do stop the fastest release problem?
  • What is the approach of the fast discharge treatment you recommend?
  • How soon can I expect the fastest premature discharge improvement and results?
  • How far to improve premature emission can I expect?
  • Will this male ejection be recurring?
  • Will you prescribe generic medicines to fight premature discharge?
  • Will your clinic provide brochures or other printed material I can take home to fix quick release?


Medical treatment of fast ejectionexpectation from doctor

The questions below will help your doctor determine the early emission problems cause and show the best course of treatment. Consider the questions below and be mentally prepared to answer questions without inhibitions or prejudices.

  • What is the frequency of early ejection problems that you experience during sex?
  • Tell me about your first encounter with the premature release of semen?
  • Do you engage in sex with a specific partner or partners and with whom do you face early emission or with both?
  • Are you really very upset with your fast discharge in sex?
  • Are your partner upset with your ejaculate fast?
  • Do you have ed and premature ejaculation, having difficulty in attaining or sustaining an erection?
  • Do you experience a loss of libido because of excessive premature emission?
  • Are you on prescription medications or drugs for fixing premature discharge treatment? If so, what medicine for early discharge during intercourse/drugs for pre-ejection prevention you have taken or started or stopped taking recently?
  • Do you administer recreational drugs for fighting premature ejaculation? If so then how often do intake the early ejaculatory treatment pills?

What medicine for quick ejection in India you can do in the meantime?

During or before initiating talking with your doctor for ejaculation help, in the meantime, you can seriously consider exploring alternate ways fast premature ejaculation treatment by connecting with your partner and work towards maintaining a healthy relationship even if you and your partner are bothered with your immature ejaculation problem. Immediate ejaculation can strain your relationship and infuse high blood pressure premature ejaculation. You are your partner must know that immature ejaculation treatment in males is clinically a viable option.


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