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Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), or sexually transmitted infections (STIs), are infections that are passed from one person to another through sexual contact. The contact is usually vaginal, oral, and anal sex. But sometimes they can spread through other intimate physical contact.

Hepatitis நோய் யாரை தாக்கும்? – Dr N Murugan | Hepatologist | Liver Transplant | World Hepatitis Day

#WorldHepatitisDay #DrMurugan #Hepatitis #TreatmentForHepatitis #HealthTips #jayatvDigital Dr N Murugan Hepatologist and Liver Transplant Physician Hepatitis நோய் யாரை தாக்கும்? வீட்டிலேயே சிகிச்சை அளிக்க செய்ய வேண்டியவை… SUBSCRIBE to get more videos Watch…

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