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Fall Haiku [by Stacey Harwood-Lehman]

  Saturday marketIn Union Square: CantaloupesAlongside apples. Confused by weatherThe woman on the subwayWears socks and…


daydreaming      Somebody left their toothbrush on the dance floor…          …

Containment Veterans

A cacophony of virtual,… Source link

Vincent Katz, Guest Author September 13-17

photo © Vivien Bittencourt This week we welcome back Vincent Katz as our guest author. Vincent…

Late Flowers & Three Haiku « PoemShape

Patrick Gillespie has self-published one book of Poetry and edited nothing besides. His poetry and criticism…

Wishing Well

A crinkled fountain, … Source link

Is Shakespeare Still Readable? [by Vincent Katz]

I am excited to be back at the B.A.P. post desk! This week I plan to…

Much much more

What is this emotion that I feel. … Source link

The New York School Diaspora (Part Fourteen): Jessica Guzman [by Angela Ball]

ODE AT THE HOSPITAL My father’s moustache aced geometry.My father’s moustache makes cowboys blushwith its hard…

Less obvious | Write Out Loud

Drop the less obvious, the cryptic clue; I expect that from others, not from you. Your…

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