Career in Health and Safety - What Qualifications Do I Need?

In todays video, we discuss for a Career in Health and Safety – What Qualifications Do I Need?
we discuss the different NEBOSH and other courses that can be undertaken and what some of the health and safety courses are required for entry level health and safety jobs.


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13 thoughts on “Career in Health and Safety – What Qualifications Do I Need?”
  1. Hi, will Thanks for making a short video explaining the difference. NEBOSH IDip I think covers the practical part as well now? Don't you think? I have Bachelor in Environmental Sciences, NEBOSH IGC, IIRSM Affiliate. I have 1 year of work experience in Wind. I am Un-employed at the moment. So which one should I opt for? Thanks
    ID1: Assignment. Approx. 60-hours to complete

    ID2: Case study. Approx. 40-hours to complete

    ID3: Case-study. Approx 40-hours to complete

  2. Hello Will, I'm a new subscriber to your channel, and thanks for sharing these tips and valuable information. I have a master's degree in safety engineering I find it quite challenging to get an entry-level job. I was working as a teacher of English in my country, and as a result, I have no experience at the moment. Now, I would like to begin a career in this domain.
    My first question is: is it late to start a safety career at 28?
    My second question: what would you recommend me to get an entry-level job and start obtaining experience in safety?
    Thank you.

  3. Sir,
    I had done my diploma in Industrial Safety and fire management.
    And now studying Post Diploma in fire and safety engineering.
    After that I want to pursue NEBOSH IDP.

    Should I go for NEBOSH IGC or NEBOSH IDP?

  4. Hai i am your new subscriber. Recently i have taken level 6 International diploma in occupational health and safety from OTHM. Is that certificate is valid in UK or these certificates are acceptable by the organization in UK. Kindly please let me know, because i will be coming soon to UK in search of a HSE job..

  5. A wonderful & great channel.. hope you will guide us more about scope & job regarding occupational health and safety.. specially for ones who are coming new to EU or UK., 🫡😇

  6. Thanks for your information sir. But I would like to have your help which one is the best institution for IGC is SHEilds Ltd coulified in teaching NEBOSH IGC certificate

  7. Hi, great video, what would you recommend in terms of health and safety NeBosh Construction or general to fulfil an airfield supervisor. This role, partly manages to a construction workers who come onto the airfield. They not sure about airfield procedures and regulations

  8. Hi thanks for this info, I am looking to change career in h&S my question is should I do the general/construction/ or fire and safety to help me start off?

  9. Hi Dear I have all the basic HSE certificate like iosh OSHA Nebosh and other plus I have graduation in mechanical engineering working as a HSE engineer in Dubai UAE, come to the question what are the certificates and courses I need to work in an Europe kindly answer .

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