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Can Will Smith Lose 20lbs In 20 Weeks? | Best Shape Of My Life

Will Smith’s embarking on a major quest; he’s gonna lose 20lbs in 20 weeks all while finishing his memoir. But he quickly hits a turning point that he didn’t see coming.

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46 thoughts on “Can Will Smith Lose 20lbs In 20 Weeks? | Best Shape Of My Life

  1. I lost over 70lbs in last year. If you want to lose fat you need to train hard and eat clean. This is my story, the things started to change after I took a diet from nextleveldiet. It was plain simple, and easy to follow… Training was something like home workout (three times per week). I lost 11lbs of fat in first month already… This may be the best stuff on internet right now… YOu also have some online diet helpers, but believe me personal trainers are too much expensive.

  2. Will, we love you because you are you, vulnerable, weak, strong but most of all real and trying to figure this world out as we move thru it. Thanks for sharing and making the rest of feel like normal human beings with the same thoughts. Keep your mind right Will and thanks for sharing.

  3. Why do people bother to listen to Millionaire Celebrity Actors sitting at your computer and probably eating all the wrong foods while watching this video. Will Smith promotion production all about Will, lots of people private gyms film crews all so he can impress the peasants he's going to lose 20lbs because he's bored or whatever. I am so done with Hollywood and there Celebrity hypocrites they sell you brainwash you on fame, riches and anything go's. If he really wanted to just lose weight no camera's no video production no time limits or goal setting just make simple mild exercise a daily routine and stop stuffing muffins into your cake hole.

  4. Man 221 is good I’m only 5,7 210 I have a flat stomach this is hard for me to believe because of that
    As Far as a diet I just cut out does and sodas
    I don’t have to agree with you politically but you will always be one of my heroes that I grew up with and now we’re both getting old and we’re learning how to do things at a older age and except the pain and consequences they come with it nothing but love for you and your family
    Fun fact my son got into powerlifting
    me as a heart patient should not do
    but it was a passion of mine when I was young so I started lifting weights with hum then his mother got into cardio once again heart patient
    I learned it’s a lot easier to have more strength then it is more stamina
    One more time heart patient 11 attacks but still fighting
    Also not a drug attic simple birth defect so before I hear all the backlash on the BS everybody have a good evening

  5. I am actually trying to lose weight and the most important thing is to sell your scales those ruin it bc you constantly want to weight to see if you lost any weight. For example I was 107 at the start and now im 102-101 and its inly been around two months but the thing is when I cared about my weight I was 106-104 so just get rid of the scale or put it somewhere you dont wanna reach. I made almost bo changes I just drank more water(2-4 bottles i drink from a size thats around a Starbucks venti cup) and I also ate more fruits and veggies(kinda). My thinking is if I wanna eat it I will eat if I’m hungry I don’t always follow this rule and I made bad food choices but what matters is bot that you lose weight its that you feel better about yourself and get fit. Btw to exersize I do zoeunlimiteds workouts and used to do chloe tings

  6. He put on 1Lb after first week… Really??? His personal trainer right there and he doesn't know, that once you start exercising again you put on muscle mass very quickly? He lost some fat, but gained muscle. You can even bloody see he is looking better after first week! WTF

  7. The funnier the person, the greater the pain, the real trick would be to open up and not crack the joke. I FELT SEEN AND HEARD but also without humour ALL I am is trauma so it's a hard pass thanks ma'am.

  8. I don't blame you for making this project, but was it necessary to make a reality show to show the people your transformaion? Many actors have changed their bodies and they didn't publish any video about it (for example Vin Disel was in bad shape, he came back, but he never posted his rtansformation). I mean that body transformations should be something normal to actors because for the different roles in the different bodies the requirements for them are also different. And that's why I'm asking this question – because this types for rtansformations shouldn't be a surprise for anyone beacuse it's compleetly normal according to your profession.

  9. For bro Will smith, you just need be yourself again not physically fit but mentally fit and have strong faith where you have peaked in the past. You know what I am talking about.

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