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Butter-Flavored Microwave Popcorn or Breathing

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DESCRIPTION: The artificial butter flavoring diacetyl has been linked not only to deaths of workers handling the chemical, but also to serious lung disease in consumers of microwave popcorn.

My previous video on the topic is Is Artificial Butter Flavor Harmful (

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What else can we do to protect our lungs?

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Meat safety is another example of regulatory breakdown. See, for example, Drug Residues in Meat (, Deadly But Not Illegal ( and Past the Age of Miracles (

Anyone have any good recipes for making air-popped popcorn delicious? I spritz with some Bragg’s and sprinkle on chlorella and nutritional yeast.

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Image Credit: Jeffry B via flickr, and Hermann Rex and the US Army via Wikimedia.
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37 thoughts on “Butter-Flavored Microwave Popcorn or Breathing

  1. I eat microwave buttered popcorn regularly. Most of it contains no Diacetyl because they stopped using that years ago. Even if it contained Diacetyl I don't think I would care because smelling a small bag of popcorn for one minute is FAR different than working in a popcorn factory smelling concentrated chemical fumes 8 hours a day.

  2. Making pie is actually a huge hassle to make, and if you mess up, it's vital that you don't, you need to restart the entire pie. So… Making anything without a microwave is a massive hassle? Neato!

  3. I'd say that depends on the margarine. Butter also contains trans fats and the jury is still out on whether these are different enough from animal trans fats in terms of metabolism. (As in, whether both are as bad.)

    There are good margarines out there, with good omega 3:6 ratio (e.g. 1:2) and near zero trans fats. Of course, cold pressed oils tend to be better still.

    What is funny, that many of the "health" spreads are real junk, had to look very carefully at the labels to find the good ones.

  4. First of all, diacetyl is not even an IUPAC defined carcinogen, it's classified as "irritating" with an NFPA health rating of 2 which is about as harmful as vodka which has an identical rating. Second of all, I am a rocket scientist- I don't even know why I comment on this shit anymore because nobody listens to reason.

  5. I am university student at the moment, looking to be time efficient. Going to be alot washing… and Would probably finish the bowl in 5 min..with my you know?

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