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Burnout: Symptoms & Strategies

Burnout syndrome is a highly prevalent issue among employees and students with persisting work stress. With recent changes to work routines due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this has become an even more pressing issue as many people are struggling to maintain a healthy work-life balance. This video aims to provide information on how to recognize symptoms and how to prevent or cope with burnout syndrome.

This video was made by McMaster Demystifying Medicine students: Nora Fatayerji, Gary Grewal, and Holly Crandon.

Copyright McMaster University 2021.


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38 thoughts on “Burnout: Symptoms & Strategies

  1. I’ve been burnt out for a few years already. I’ve been a perfectionist wanting to change the world, but being on-call 24/7 for 50 weeks a year (yeah, one person on-call is real for a small departments) took its toll. I’m fine once I’m working, but after work I can’t make myself do anything. I need to throw away old magazines, sell unused electronics and old construction tools, but I just can’t make myself to do that! This wasn’t the case a few years back when I was motivated eBay shop owner with $15k in monthly sales (not much at all, but I was motivated)…

    How do I recover from this chronic state?

  2. Everything is nice until you realize in real life, b would probably just get her a "don't be so dramatic" talk
    People are not just burnt out because we want to and are stupid and keep working, people get that because sometimes we need to put up with it or else our future or even just food in danger, the reality is that people in power rarely give a fuck, even it it means more productivity in the end

  3. I have been at my job briefly and already got burn out cause I am doing the work for 3 people and don't even get breaks just two min to put a bit of food in my my work. I am an essential worker on a fast treadmill for hours. All I can do is stay near the bed cause I am super exhausted. People don't know just how over worked us essential workers are right now.

  4. how does one recover from burnout i changed jobs months ago and my new one is way better than my old one but i still feel miserable. starting to think my old job permanently damaged me.

  5. in america B does not exist employers could care less about who we are and what we feel. I pushed myself to hell and back as the bottom line of a 3 person department. I asked for a raise from minimum wage because my work was worth at least 20 an hour. instead they nitpicked the weaknesses in my performance due to burnout and made me see that they did not care about my humanity. I was a tool to them. this is why I want to see capatalism burn. because its the right hand of fascism's resurgence. burnout is real and no one will help. depression and suicide are real too, but help only comes at a premium. Your strength comes from you and those that see hear and support you, the rest is an enemy or someone waiting to join you.

  6. im currently burnt out. man, im not lazy or what, i dont know where to start, i wasn't like this the in the past few weeks. im drowning in schoolworks and i don't even know how and where to start. all i do is cry, i told my so-called "friends" about this and all they say is "maybe you're just on your lazy days", no im burnt out.

    sorry for a little vent btw, it just feels so heavy

  7. This is a case where the text book theory doesn't match real life.
    Tried B and ended up worked into a hospital bed and suffering empathy fatigue. A year later nothing had changed and my workload had just kept increasing to the point where I was doing the work of 4 people who had left and my own. As others have said if you are experiencing burnout there is something wrong with leadership and how the company is being run.
    Choose A and get out, because once you lose you health or end up in hospital bed, recovery becomes significantly harder.

  8. Instead of trying to cope with this shitty problem, why don’t we stop expecting so much from employees. I work myself to death to afford to live. At this point I would rather unalive myself.

  9. I’m a teacher and I have a very hostile boss. I’m also the sole caregiver of my mother, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease two and a half years ago. I had to leave the city where I chose to live because she couldn’t be left alone anymore, so I moved back to the town where I grew up and which I did everything to leave. I had a good life, good friends and a good school. Now the thought of going to work makes me sick. And this adds to the constant alert state I’m in because of my mom’s condition. I took the MBI test and it seems I scored alarmingly high. I’m exhausted, I sleep whenever I don’t work and at night I don’t sleep enough. I don’t know what to do at this point. I don’t know how this is not addressed more.

  10. Me: Boy sounds like america really has a problem understanding that burnout exists and we need to do something about it.
    The video: Burnout makes you fat and have heart problems.

    America's #1 cause of death: Being fat and/or heart disease.


  11. I've been feeling burnt out for years now … I didn't know what it was, but I hate the feeling , I can't even do simple things like brushing my teeth and taking showers… I hate this

  12. as a Catholic, I managed some months ago to recover from one severe burnout by a deep life of prayer and meditation. I did let God inspire me deep into my heart what I should do, and I was able to recover. I know it does not sound very "scientific", but it worked. I pray for everyone who is going through the same sorrowful experience to be cured as well as I was.

  13. I work in a barber shop and have been experiencing work burnout since last November. I dread coming into work everyday. I have tried to talk to my boss about how I am feeling and I feel burnt out and she just makes passive aggressive statements I believe she is just hoping the situation resolves itself. I am going to look for a new job.

  14. Guys, do yourselves a favor by seeking medical help. Don't try to self-diagnose or self-cure. Your health is important. Leave it to the professionals.

  15. I've never really had burnout. But now i'm a senior in high school and feel it. So badly. I'm exhausted. I'm having extreme burnout to the point where on weekends, i can't enjoy it and during the week I'm still burnt out. I relax on the weekends but it isn't going away.
    The stress of applying for college, turning stuff in, keeping my grades up, being the weird loner kid no one talks too adds to the stress. I've made all As and Bs this year so far but a huge thing is seeing people at school with friends but no matter how hard I try i just can't make friends.
    I get ignored. I can't complain because i'm not being bullied but it still hurts.

    I'm exhausted. i can't go to therapy because my family and I just can't afford it. I'm thinking of trying stress meds.
    I just need a long, long break. I feel so bad.

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