Breast tenderness before period vs early pregnancy sign

Are you wondering if you are pregnant because your breasts are feeling more tender than usual. Is breast tenderness an early …


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35 thoughts on “Breast tenderness before period vs early pregnancy sign”
  1. On 21 may iui done
    After 14 days of iui i have pain in lower left side of stomach….. But no Brest tenderness……… there any chance of pregnancy??? next period is after 5 days….

  2. Hello Ma'am. I had pain on my left side and little spotting during ovulation, Now I'm 4DPO and still feel pain on my left side, wish to know if it's normal

  3. I’ve always wondered because a week before my period I will have tender breasts, and then it will go away 5 days before my period. I have no tenderness leading up to my period. Breasts are not tender at all during my period. So if I was pregnant, would they be hurting at the time I should start my period? That’s a good question I’ve never been pregnant . I keep a log of all symptoms and cycles symptoms in FLO . I have 2.5 years of periods that I recorded

  4. Mam please help !

    I have thyroid and am on medication. Been trying to concieve from last 4 months. My cycle is of 30 days. We try for baby from the 10th day of my cycle to 21st day.

    This month on 21st when we tried intercourse very little pink blood came out along with other bodily discharge. I took it as implantaion bleeding as I was expecting periods 10 to 12 days later.

    Then again on 3rd june few drops of blood came and now I am worried that why again ?? Is this a implantation bleeding or my periods. Please help. I was on pregesterone from 14th day of my cycle for 10 days.

  5. Hello ma'am, I missed my periods and I got a very faint positive line, also I'm having sticky white discharge but I could feel my cervix is low can you please tell me what is happening??am I pregnant??

  6. Than usual I got very heavy breast soreness this time even before 6 days early than my period date. I never felt like this way anytime before . I took early pregnancy test aswell . However it is negative.
    Should I still have chances to expect the pregnancy? Suggestion please.

  7. I don’t think I miss my period it came on June 10th-12th it’s usually 4 or 5 days but only lasted 3 days but my nipples got bigger and darker idk if it was implantation bleeding please help I’m freaking out?

  8. Dear Mam my breast are score and havy right now and my Nippels are verry sensitiv i have this almost every month as pms Signals but later in my cycle days bevor my period but not more than a week earlyer. The ovoulation must be only 4 days ago and now such kind of breast with so much time to go my cycle is sometims 26 days but the last Times longer up to 30 days. We try to get pregnent since a year but we know with a first test that the sperms from my husband are not good. This cycle i tried the menstruation cup to help the sperms more. Could i have hope or is it ilusionel?

  9. Okay I had an embryo transfer and today is day 9 past transfer on day 4 my breast increased a lot in size and was painful but today the tension has reduced no much pain and also the size reduced a little but when touched I still feel the side pains. Is this normal or should I be worried?

  10. Hello ma’am I have a question at 6 dpo I was having like an on and off pinching feeling on my left side right above my yoni it was going for a day and then I was get full fast now I’m having this tingling feeling in my nipples on and off but my nipples became tender only when I touch them and usually my discharge will dry up but now it’s more like everytime I wipe I see it but my discharge is a creamy type after ovulation I say about 2 or 3 days dpo I seen this clear thin string of discharge but now it’s creamy can this be a early sign of pregnancy

  11. My breasts are more sore the usual this month TMI here but I had intercourse on the day of ovulation 16th and I've already took two pregnancy tests both are negative I'm I testing too early I use the baby app to track my periods and I'm due on the 30th TMI I know should I wait again before testing again

  12. I’m only 10, and I don’t understand really what it feels like . I do have breast-I just don’t understand the whole concept of a period except for mood swings headaches and all that.

  13. Hi ma'ma I have a question so my left side breast been hurting since Friday I was in my period but I lasted 6 days I started Monday today is Sunday no more period but my breast feel tender i don't know how to explain it and I checked and had what it look like milk help

  14. I am 2 days late for my period. My breasts hurt on the sides only. I'm nervous to take a test because I'm scared of being disappointed again…..should I just do it or wait a few more days ?

  15. Mma i see my period on 4 this month, on 17th ,when I wake up i feel something little pain in my left tummy side,and I started feeling pain in my breast since on 19this month,please mma what may be the cause?

  16. I have been having 3months irregular periods the last one lasted just for a day, a week later got so much discharge like ovulation then later had serious cramping ,some day later I got another cramping from my back to the left side of my lower abdomen but just little this time it's been more 2 weeks with very little or no discharge and I'm expecting my period in 7days time,what's wrong

  17. hello my last perido start aug 21 2022 and end aug 26 then sept 8 have a spotting on my undies , so my expected period is ept 16 since i am on 26 cycle and until now my period is not coming out i try pregnancy test last sept 21 it shows negative but my breast is so tender and tingling on my nipples and some mild cramps on my lower back is it possible that i am pregnant ? thank you for answering this question .

  18. The sperms comes out anytime I had an affair with my husband and my menses is not stable. It may take some months or even a year. Help me out. Most importantly with the sperm leaking.

  19. Always get sore boobs about a week before period but never get sore boobs at ovulation but this month they started getting tender at ovulation. I did have unprotected sex 6 days ago and just ovulating now. I have had backaches and cramping but that doesn't usually happen till just before my period also. Could I be pregnant? I still have two weeks till my period is due!!

  20. Mam please help me,I missed my period 1month n 2 week,I take pregnancy test first but it show faint line n then letter I test again is negative.but I feel abdomen pain, fatigue,sleepy, breasts expand,but test again negative,why?

  21. Hii mam..i am 28 years old..I have breast pain 10 to 15 days before my period is it normal or not?
    Am trying to conceive so is possible that may be am pregnant?
    Will I get breast pain even if I am pregnant?
    When will the breast pain stop if pregnancy comes positive?… please reply mam 🙏🙏🙏

  22. My breasts, especially the right one, feel on fire right now. Period is one day late. Had unprotected sex a day after my period ended and many days after that up until 3 days in the ovulation cycle. Could I be pregnant?

  23. Hi, I'm terrified I'm scared of getting pregnant, my nipple aerola seems to get more visible and my breast itself is kinda sore, but my cervical mucus is dry. What is that mean? I'm worried because I had unprotected sex 7 days from now

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