Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Ideas For Picky Eaters

When infants are first introduced to solid foods, they are willing to try new flavors and textures consistently. It is when those babies turn into toddlers and start to have more of an opinion about what they eat that they can become fussy or picky eaters. When this happens, parents can be anywhere from frustrated to concerned that their little ones are no longer willing to eat a variety of food. But do not despair! There are breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas available that any picky eater would love.

It is completely normal for toddlers to go through a picky eating stage, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. What the length of this phase will be is different for each child and generally has to do with not liking a certain texture of food, flavors becoming too intense on the tongue, or even suddenly not being as hungry because growing is not happening as rapidly. Whatever the cause, it is important to continue to offer a variety of foods for toddlers to try because as much as they would like to, little ones cannot survive forever on just one food alone.

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Here are breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas any picky eater will love.

13 Animal-Shaped Waffles

Toddlers love foods that are cut into shapes, especially of their favorite animals. And if this gets toddlers to eat, all the better.

For breakfast, use cookie cutters to turn ordinary waffles into fun animals for toddlers to enjoy. Add a side of fruit and some yogurt, and a very balanced meal is had.

12 Eggs With Turkey Pepperoni

Most toddlers will eat a scrambled egg, especially if there is some ketchup on top to make it extra tasty.

Add some more protein if toddlers are not known to finish their eggs, such as turkey pepperoni, along with some fruit, and there is enough variety on the plate for breakfast that picky toddlers should not walk away hungry.


11 Sweet Potato & Almond Butter Muffins

Need a way to get some fiber and protein into toddlers first thing in the morning? Give them sweet potato and almond butter muffins and watch them disappear in a jiffy.

With the sweetness of the sweet potato and the creaminess of the almond butter, these muffins are delicious and moist. As such, toddlers will have no problem with the texture when offered for a healthy breakfast.

10 Spinach Pancakes With Eggs & Fruit

It can be hard to get picky eaters to eat vegetables. But if they are hidden in food, there is a better chance of making that happen, such as with spinach pancakes for breakfast.

By pureeing the spinach and pancake mix together, the texture of these pancakes is very similar to traditional pancakes. And with a bit of syrup on top, toddlers may not even notice that spinach has been added to their meal.

Add some fruit and eggs on the side and not only is there variety but a healthy breakfast option made for picky eaters.

9 Apple Nachos

Nachos are a fun lunch or dinner to have, so why not turn it into a breakfast meal as well? Instead of using chips though, apples make the base of these tasty nachos.

Slicing apples thin and then drizzling a bit of peanut butter or nut butter of choice on top makes for a delicious meal. Top the “nachos” with strawberry bits and watch breakfast be eaten in a hurry.

8 Broccoli Sweet Potato Medallions

For a warm and hearty lunch for toddlers, mix some broccoli, sweet potatoes, and cheese to make some savory medallions.

While toddlers will be getting in a serving of vegetables along with some fiber, they will not realize this because they will be too busy enjoying the cheesiness of the meal. As such, do not be surprised if seconds are asked for by even the pickiest of eaters.

7 Avocado Toast

A great source of Omega-3 fatty acids, avocados are great for toddlers. However, the texture can cause them to turn their noses up. Therefore, make avocado toast for lunch with a bit of seasoning on top to combat the texture. The only thing left will be crumbs.

6 Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Some days, toddlers just do not want to eat anything. When this happens, default to a grilled cheese sandwich to get a warm lunch in their stomachs.

If toddlers enjoy it, offer a bit of tomato soup on the side to get some fruit and vegetables into the mix as well. By doing this, a “meh” lunch turns into a complete meal.

5 Sandwich Kabobs

If toddlers suddenly turn their noses up at sandwiches they used to love, turn them into kabobs for a lunch to enjoy.

All parents need to do is alternate between sandwich and fruit on a skewer to create these kabobs. And toddlers may just eat them because they come in a different configuration than a sandwich with fruit on the side on a plate.

4 Shells With Peppers & Mushrooms

Most toddlers will eat pasta without fail. That is why mac and cheese becomes a go-to for picky eaters.

To add some more nutrition to pasta, add in things like peppers for sweetness and mushrooms that will take on the flavor of the meal. This way, vegetables are eaten for dinner and toddlers are none-the-wiser.

3 English Muffin Pizzas

Pizza is always a hit with toddlers but it can be fairly unhealthy. This is easily combated by using English muffins as the crust.

Toddlers love this pizza because not only is it small but they get to help make it. Add vegetables to the sauce and let them explore with new toppings and this will be a meal asked for for dinner daily.

2 Hamburger Hash Brown Cups

Need to get some more protein into picky toddlers? Bake hamburger hash brown cups and eating protein will no longer be a problem.

A bit of ground beef, cheese, and hash browns are all that is needed for this easy meal. Add some vegetables to the cups or offer fruit on the side and a full meal is prepared in a snap.

1 Roasted Root Vegetable Cheesy Bake

Finding original ways to get toddlers to eat vegetables can be hard. But, if they are surrounded by delicious cheese and potatoes, like this recipe from hungry little bakers, it will be hard for even the pickiest of eaters to pass this dinner up.

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Mom’s Food Choices During Pregnancy Linked To Picky Eaters
Mom’s Food Choices During Pregnancy Linked To Picky Eaters

When a woman eats a variety of foods during pregnancy, she is less likely to have a child who is a picky eater, according to experts.

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