Born in the Water at Roots in Minneapolis, Minnesota — Birth Becomes You

Photographer: Gather Birth Cooperative




As I walked up the stairs to the birth rooms at Roots Community Birth Center in Minneapolis, I could hear the telltale sounds of a birthing person who was about to meet their baby. I quickly tucked my gear into a corner of the family room, grabbed a set of extra batteries for each of my cameras, and quietly slipped into the birth room. There I found my client laboring in the tub with her partner applying pressure to her hips. Her mother was close by, watching attentively. After I’d been in the room for a few minutes, the words “I can feel his head” slipped past her lips. She rolled onto her back in the tub, while her partner continue applying pressure to her lower back and murmuring the sweetest and most loving words of affirmation to her.

After several contractions, which she breathed through wordlessly, we could see her baby’s head. Three contractions later, he was in her arms.

What a joy it was to be in the room for this gorgeous birth! And what an honor it was to capture these photographs to help them remember their beautiful experience forever.

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