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Black Women & Mental Health

Taking their seats at the Table this week are YouTube sensation and Mental Health Advocate, Oghosa, Author, Podcaster, Public Speaker and according to my daughters, “The Loveliest Woman in the World”, Natalie Lue, and Maternal Mental Health advocate and Life coach, Sandra Igwe.

In today’s episode, we are having a very important conversation about Black Women and Mental Health.

We cover our experiences, how we deal with our own mental health issues, challenges we’ve faced particularly with seeking treatment and a how we combat them.

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33 thoughts on “Black Women & Mental Health

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed this! I was triggered in some parts 🥺 but that’s definitely a good thing! Thank you for creating a space where we can be free and open. This was discussed with such care and grace, thank you all for being so transparent 💜💜💜

  2. Jamelia, I really admire you. Thank you so much for this show. Love the dialogues, you talk about real issues. It is really needed for the black sister community. Love it xxx

  3. This is great! So many nuggets. The lady in the middle is right. A lot of the positive online spaces are amazing but as a Gen Xer, sometimes I feel like they are a little young for me. Kudos to all these women who have done stuff to help themselves and their communities. It would also be nice to look at how some cultural practices boost mental health because historically, Africans actually cared about this and never really separated it from spiritual matters. Perhaps we just need to remember some of these things.

  4. Great episode! Jamelia ❤️ much love to you, Oghosa, Natalie + Sandra 💕 for some best topics on Mental Health! Mental Health is no joke, everbody has the ability to get help by speaking to parents, Seeking help from the doctors about your Mental Health issues or Ringing up Hotline's for best advice & support you need! We all have the #Power to STOP stigma & change our lifes for good & better times.

  5. WOW!!! this really hit home. Thankyou Jamelia for this series – these conversations are certainly needed. A safe space for us, I love it xx

  6. Thank you Jamelia and such a lovely group of women. It was like hearing my own thoughts and experiences being spoken by other women who look like me. I tend to keep things in and this year I decided enough of it. I need to give voice to my truth and my feelings. Being an older sibling I too shrunk myself in fear of losing relationships. But the internal damage that does is very unhealthy. I promised to take better care of myself this year, put my needs first so I can be a better wife and mum. Not easy to do, but I am going to give it my best shot.😊

  7. Very good discussion!; and more platforms like this should take place. Many things resonated with me particularly the cultural aspects of mental health, seemingly the taboos and judgments etc. As much as I don't like the word 'survivor', the preposition can used to describe my ongoing survival. The books sound interesting too. Will keep this discussion on my bookmark. Thanx ladies.

  8. Again…there is a conspicuous lack
    of Black male representation on an
    issue which effects them more than
    it doe women. Just a casual look on
    the mental hospital wards of B'ham
    will tell you that!

  9. Mental health is just a name used to introduce the abomination that causes desolation spoken of by Daniel, that is what I believe. Jesus Christ will judge the unfruitful works of darkness and hopefully when He returns people will believe what I've been telling them.

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