Black Women and The Hygiene Olympics

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Who uses rags vs loofahs? Who doesn’t shower every day? Who uses liquid soap but no bar soap? Be honest– you’ve probably played in the Hygiene Olympics before, especially if you’re a black woman. But where does the overcompensating— 3-6 showers a day, wearing panty liners everyday, douching, etc— come from? How does it fit into a broader pattern of mainly white celebrities and people sharing that they don’t bathe? And more pressingly— how has the vulva health of black women been compromised due to a desire to escape racist stereotypes? Let’s chat!

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48 thoughts on “Black Women and The Hygiene Olympics”
  1. My grandma would take bleach baths for multiple toxic reasons. But growing up around that I thought it was normal. I loved taking baths for as long as possible as hot as possible. I didn't realize until later it was a sign of depression, which I battled with as a teenager and young adult. And I did it too because my parents would clown both my older and younger sisters for being smelly. I didn't want that same treatment. I wanted to be known as the clean one. And growing up over weight people automatically assume you stink. I wasn't having any of that, no thank you.

  2. Can u talk about the expectations of having perfect breasts. It’s 2023 & most ppl are surprised to find out one is bigger than the other. I remember being in middle school & girls stuffing their bras or begging their moms to buy them a bombshell bra. That’s actually sick.

  3. I'm wondering if young women are still being taught that cotton underwear is best or ones with a cotton gusset or advocating sleeping without underwear.

  4. this video was amazing. I'm losing my mind because the 🐱 on its own is like the cleanest possible human body part, and most of this BS about it was made up by american men, amongst whom we typically find some of the most disturbingly lax hygiene education of the 21t century.

  5. I’m mostly showering daily and if it’s cold winter months I either use baby wash or alternate wash and co-wash day to day, but there’s no way I’m getting talked into skipping showers outside of being sick. Maybe you don’t need soap every single time because yes the skin will naturally exfoliate but atleast rinse sweat and dirt off… And I don’t even lotion after I go straight for oils argon and jojoba.

  6. I didn't watch the whole video but I think its because there's a stigma /racism regarding black people but it affects black women even more that : hair smells, everything smells, or historically very deeply rooted racism about how black people were dirty due to their skin colour. So black women do the most to not get shamed which in turn reinforces those ideas, personally I dont think its excessive to wash your a..hole but sometimes I feel like , the way people are stressing about every single thing is a bit unhealthy.

  7. I came across a message board and all of the men (who were mostly black) had a hang up about this.
    One man made claims that our stuff should “smell like roses,” and another still insisted on douching and didn’t believe the Vagina was self cleaning. When few women (me included) corrected them, they still chose not to believe it 🙄

  8. if you’re showering multiple times a day i automatically assume you’re ashy bc who tf has time to MOISTURIZE properly after all those showers??? you’re either ashy or unemployed i’m sorry

  9. Great video. More questions need to be asked and answered and these companies need to have their feet held to the fire for their disregard of the needs of an entire demographic of women. Diverse=not the same as euro ethnic women. Unacceptable, lazy research.

  10. I have nothing of significance to add here but I did want to say you’re doing some extremely incredible work. Thankful for you.🙏🏾

    I hope abt 5-10 years into social media being primarily visual and most often video centric that we’ve hit the apex of performance as personal… in the same way that hygiene is performative so much of everything is… anything that can be performed for adulation and adoration has and can be performed for an audience unfortunately. Of course calling out everything is tedious. And this is undoubtedly a worthwhile execution of calling out personal performative politics. ‘Preciate it.

  11. I grew w an African mom & coming up she’s tell us to wash our private areas after using the restroom W WATER ! I’m beyond grateful she shared this “Secret” w me & my sisters. I still til this day wash my front & back side w WATER only bc it really reduces odor, any infections, etc. & it keeps you feeling fresh til you take your next shower.

    Ladies: Wash yourself in between showers & allow your lady breathe !! It’s okay to not wear underwear all day everyday 375/24/7 !!


  12. I remember in high school reading those books by Zane.. And other authors similar to her. I remember how the "it girl" or main character always had an EXTREME hygiene regimen. Using 3 bodywashes from like bath and body works. And a body scrub. A Wash rag. Loofah. Scrub brush AND exfoliating gloves. AND a douche.
    Then follow up with bby oil and a body butter then a fruity body spray for the kitty then the good shit for everywhere else. Don't forget body glitter/shimmer spray. I tried sooooo hard to emulate this school lol. I've toned down a lot since then. I do still rock body glitter every now n again 😉

  13. informative video, but the information about the old testament is out of context. the clean/unclean laws for the israelites were ceremonial laws. the law calls a woman on her period “ceremonially unclean” in the same way it describes a man who has recently emitted semen as “ceremonially unclean”. a lot of people still confuse these laws today for lack of understanding, i.e. people who assert that Christians shouldn’t eat pork or have tattoos. it’s simply biblical illiteracy

  14. It’s definitely not only with WOC; I’m white and grew up in a mainly white area and boys ALWAYS said shit like this. As an adult, I lived around mostly Pakistani and Arabs and they also talk about this, regarding all women; I’ve never heard it aimed specifically at black women, but women in general.

  15. As a white Muslim revert, I have to say, women’s ‘smell’ (and mens’) is DEFINITELY worse because ya’ll don’t wash after every time you use the bathroom. Washing after the bathroom is mandatory in Islam and honestly I don’t understand how I lived for 22 years just dry wiping with toilet paper, it’s sooo nasty 🤮

  16. This agenda of normalizing not showering especially when u can is the most revolting thing ever… Like u sweat from morning to evening and yet u go three days and u'll probably collect dust and other body fluids… Smh!

  17. I’ve used probiotics and a feminine washes for ages and when I don’t or use a different soap my Ph actually balances better than ever… these company’s just want us to come back thinking we need it

  18. Wait what? I didn't know women were going to these extremes and I'm a woman 😢
    This makes me sad and kind of angry that so many women have been mislead.

  19. I live in SA and I saw in one of the shops that they sell a pack of 8 pads for R5 (like like 50c US) and its not free, but I can guarantee that it's helping a lot of families and little girls. Poverty is getting bad this side… again

  20. The bible says the period is unclean because we were never meant to have that or the pain of childbirth. It was a punishment as was becoming mortal.

  21. This was interesting. I'm not saying my struggle is the same, but I can relate on the stereotype level in a way, because as an Italian/Mediterranean person , we are often seen as "greasy" or dirty. I was bullied for my greasy hair as a kid, even though I have always been clean. I just look much oilier than my peers if I skip a shower day, so now I have to be kind of obsessive about it. I only skip a day if there's a power outage or a zombie apocalypse.

  22. In New Zealand we call wash cloths "flannels" I've been paranoid about this for years ( I'm old ha ha) but have made sure to not give my daughter the same shame we all grew up with.
    I'm going to share your awesome video with her. Thanks for shining a light on this !

  23. Sad how much women feel they need to do. Health should come first and foremost. I got this shower wash that claims to have the right PH balance for that area. But I've been told still to use it only on the outside because the vagina is self-cleaning. We need to be careful in general.
    I'm glad I come from a culture where we use bidet/water.

  24. That is absolutely true about douching. I live in Germany and that is non-existent. They have never even heard of it. They don't sell it anywhere. And They don't need it. It is totally unnecessary. I've never ran into a female here with a stanky Vag. Although……. when I was living in America, there were cases of what I stated in the previous sentence.

  25. Similar to mental health impeding shower-habits, same applies to those with physical disabilities. Sometimes physical ability gets in the way of bathing, and people shouldn't be shamed for that, mobility aids and alternatives should be offered (changing clothes everyday, wiping down with a wet wash cloth or baby wipes, shower chairs, etc). When you're choosing between being able to cook/prepare a meal or shower, one is gonna beat out the other.

  26. I didn’t realize how much it affected me being the “smelly” one in my family because I wouldnt shower for 2-3 times a day.

    I remember once I was laying in bed with my sister and my clothed butt touched her as I was readjusting and she cursed me and say to never touch her again with my dirty ass.

    20 years later that’s still with me.

    Wanting to note I’ve never smelled. I don’t even have morning breath.

  27. Eh I dunno I guess the bar of bad smells was just set really high for me in middle school.

    As I guy as long as it doesn’t smell like a pack of dead fish I’m generally satisfied. I’m pretty understanding of smells and shit happens… Yet, when people are yards away cracking jokes regularly…it might be time to find guidance.

    Also, you’re gonna have the sensitive ones. Is what it is.. Hope everyone here succeeds in the things you’re struggling with.

  28. A lot of black women do have strong odors down there comes from too much sex with different partners the inside of your coochie should never stink if it does go to a clinic I love my coochie and only need one shower a day after you Doogie you should wash as well no excuse dudes said cardi smells like fish and summer looks like she stink down there any chick with tats on face has to have problems down there

  29. I am a white woman, and many of my black friends mentioned having a dry skin. Isnt this a problem with washing often? For my skin its best to shower every 2 days. In the winter I try to do that (unless I exercise of course).

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