Bisnap Plays Nuclear Throne – Episode 13

I mean, I like drum lines too.

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45 thoughts on “Bisnap Plays Nuclear Throne – Episode 13

  1. Yea, that fire should have hit you. The way it works, is that it doesn't disappear right away. If the fire shoots against the wall, and then stops, it will still have a bit of fire for a second or two at the place where the fire stream met the wall. So you went through that.

  2. Tip: Big dog doesn't wake up until it gets hit. So if you spawn right next to big dog, don't shoot and immediately run into a hidey hole. Hidey holes are how you deal with big dog, unless you're playing chicken.

  3. Other Tip: I'm noticing that you've created some distinct preferences for certain weapons. But you need to think about what will go well with what you already have. Usually, this is about range. Shotguns and sluggers are useful for low range. Shotguns are nice in crowds and in narrow corridors where you can get them to bounce, but they're not very useful in the open. Sluggers are good for close-range single target foes like rats, but when you're faced with a crowd (like the end of the episode), a slugger won't do anything for you. Crossbows are good for long range. Explosive weapons are also good for long range and they can help clear out walls for your other weapons (learn to love the grenade launcher!). Melee weapons are good for short range. Bullet and laser weapons can be flexible (which is why the machine gun should get more credit). So if you have a screwdriver and you're going for the golden car, you want to have something with range. And since the screwdriver is kind of dangerous to use, something flexible is nice – machine gun, assault rifle, or laser pistol are some good bets.
    But just try to have a short-range and long-range weapon. That way, when you get to the scrapyard, you can deal with both the crows flying right freaking next to you, and the snipers and salamanders who are far away with ranged attacks. And having range is REALLY important for the enemies in world 5 that all deal contact damage.

  4. I like how you mega value scarier face, but completely undervalue plant throne butt.

    scarier face is about 20% less enemy hp, plant throne butt is 50% less enemy hp when they are snared, which is unlimited ammo. 

  5. I love how he plays and barely uses the abilities. he wonders why he keeps getting wrecked early on when he could clearly help himself and use the damn characters ability.

  6. Dude u need to check more for the secret level at the sewers. Like I saw you get the bazooka and just screamed go to the secret level. Unless im missing something where you can´t always go there. Then im very sorry for writing this comment

  7. @bisnap One thing you might try to do is once you become better at this game, take only the mutations that have your characters face on it. Using this method, you can become less dependent upon certain mutations.

  8. Gah you used your ability so few times where it could've saved you soooo often. Pleas get to use it more. It was really painfull to see you suicide into enemies so often. It feels just like the sewers are pretty free with snare as it renders rats completely useless. Also bosses shouldn't have been so much of a prob with snare

  9. Spacebar also can switch weapons. And, in my opinion, it's better than scrolling. Oh, and Plant's vines with the Throne Butt only kill enemies that already have under 50% HP. It doesn't work like: 'I'm gonna use snare growth on this enemy and when it gets to under 50% HP it'll die', no.

  10. Hey bisnap, if you generally think shotguns are bad or just not up to par with other types, then you need to see Y.V. with any shotgun, shotgun fingers, and throne butt. Right click into a hallway, and watch the corpses drop. :D. For me personally, i like the flak cannon. ^_^

    Also, want to have your melee itch filled? Get steroids with a normal sledgehammer in his main hand, and a golden one in his off hand. Plus throne butt, longer arms, and radioactive belly(the one that does damage on touch, can't remember the name).

    And for a third amazingly fun run, use chicken with throne butt, longer arms, euphoria, and a screwdriver. Everyone around you is slow, and you A. Destroy any bullets coming at you with your normal speed screwdriver. B. Attack anything near you like ten times before they can even react.

    These are my favorite runs so far. I love this series so much.

  11. I don't actually like scary face. Like at all. I'm pretty damn sure that it's just a linear health down of about 1 bullets worth, to a minimum. So I only EVER take it when I'm screwdriver in grand wanna kill rats…

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