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Birthday Party During COVID-19?

Our co-host wants to know how to celebrate his birthday during the pandemic without upsetting his family or friends. Find out Wendy’s advice.

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32 thoughts on “Birthday Party During COVID-19?

  1. Am I seeing things but is Wendy’s breast popping out of her top? So disgusting and unprofessional. C’mon Wendy. You’re better than that.

  2. Hmmmm how can i have more than one birthday part for my 29th birthday during a pandemic? You don’t! You’re not a child you don’t NEED a party that will put people’s health at risk.

  3. I see a lot of negative comments…When you do the virtual audience, the producers encourage us to do "Ask Wendy". The questions are usually what we go through in everyday life so Wendy is basically giving advice to anyone who can relate to the question regardless of what type of question it is.

  4. whats the difference between 29 and 30? why is one a big day and the other isnt? same thing to me. in my culture you a man/woman at 14 aka PUBERTY after that its just meaningless numbers, who cares

  5. Also, people REALLY out here acting like they can't go ONE YEAR without a birthday party or big wedding or Thanksgiving!! They are so selfish and ignorant!!! 29 is NOT a big birthday year. As soon as this pandemic happened I was like 2020 is canceled. Cancel all plans for ONE YEAR. Get over yourselves. It's not a big deal. There will be a vaccine by next year and you can go all out. what is wrong with people.

  6. "so no one gets jealous", jealous of what being selfish, when people are dying you only care about having a party. Thanks Wendy, great advise basically have 2 smaller parties so you can spread the virus, rather than just telling him to wait til this craziness is all over.

  7. People are so judgemental. Although I agree that 29 isn't typically a big birthday but you never know what people go through. He could have been suicidal and surprised he made it to be 29. He could have been away from his family and friends for a long time and people could have been asking about his bday.

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