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birth videos are dedicated to the fight against non-evidence based
maternity care.  In 2008, the US cesarean section rate
climbed to 31.8%, more than double the rate deemed acceptable by the
World Health Organization. In far too many cases, a
first c-section is performed in the name of “cephalopelvic
disproportion” (CPD – a baby too big to fit vaginally), “failure to
progress” (in
reality “failure to wait”) or for other such reasons unsupported by research evidence.

The first
selection is a montage of birth
videos complied by ICAN, the International Cesarean Awareness Network,
from women who received a c-section after their OBs told them
their babies were too big for vaginal birth.  All of these
women went on to vaginally birth babies of the same or much larger

The abbreviations in the
video refer to the

VBAC = vaginal birth after
HBAC = homebirth after cesarean
homebirth after 3 cesareans
UBA2C = unassisted birth after 2

most cases of CPD are due to non-evidence based
practices, including limited mobility during labor, augmentation with
pitocin, artificial rupture of membranes, pushing flat on the back,
of knowledge in recognizing and correcting malpositioned babies, and
time limits on labor.  This
video is attests to the fact that when allowed to birth in
evidence-based ways, rates of CPD and resulting c-sections will

The next selection is
dedicated to
all the people who tout, “the most important thing is a healthy mom and
a healthy baby”.  This
is a given.
 It’s a
non-negotiable, understood fact that this is paramount to all mothers
and families.  However, it is completely irresponsible to
ignore the emotional as well as physical scars that can be inflicted on
a mother who is subjected to a needless cesarean section.

captures the hurt these women have endured by undergoing needless
c-sections, of their view of their bodies as “broken” and even their
battle with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after their
c-sections.  It also reveals the healing force that their
vaginal births, that they were told their bodies weren’t capable of
having, had on their hearts, minds, and souls.

women gained back their trust in their bodies and in birth.
 They did not gain back trust in the maternity system which
failed to protect them.  In short, two powerful childbirth videos
with an equally powerful message.

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