The sun began to rise 🌞  right upon the birth of my placenta, as Benny and I laid with our beautiful daughter in the company of my mom and our incredible midwife and medical assistant. I learned I did not need a doula to do what the wisdom of my Womban body knew and had always known how to do. I don’t believe that I could have felt more empowered throughout the duration of this labor as I did. 💪

Throughout each phase, my deepest strength was challenged. My body entered a state of ketosis in active labor and my birth team gently forced me to eat, as my body had essentially begun eating itself. My “water” (amniotic sac) hadn’t broken until some point near the moment of birth, even after several manual attempts by my midwife, each in the midst of a brutal contraction. 💦

I vomited, I defecated, I chuckled, and I wept; I purged, in whole surrender, as I prepared to. And in all of my mental, physical, & spiritual exhaustive efforts, Harmony and I conquered our births, each of us, reborn into a new life as mother and daughter. 👭


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