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Birth Control: Should Men Step Up?

Ms. Veralyn talks to some guys about what role they play in protecting against unintended pregnancy and finds out what they think about a new male birth control method currently being tested in the U.S.

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7 thoughts on “Birth Control: Should Men Step Up?

  1. Scientists are working on a hormoneless male birthcontrol pill that removes a specific kind of protein that the sperm cells need to work properly – meaning that it wont have any effects other than not fertelizing the eggs 🙂

  2. would you trust a man on this , seriously? but you make a huge point on the fact that they don't want to take any responsibility when they benefit so much from us planning pregnancies. I just realized that I've always been the one paying for this, taking a pill everyday, being responsible, I would be the guilty stupid one , if an accident happened and probably the one supporting a child on my own or a vaginal ultrasound if I can't …

  3. Gals please answer the question yourself: would you take a shot into your uterus that might prevent you from ever becoming pregnant? Give a man a pill and see what they say then. For the reason in this video just a man to cut his thing off then. Why is the shot not in the arm, why it is not a pill? why do you have to make a shot in the testicles? On the other hand why not make birth control for men? Most would be up for it.

  4. The shot isn't in the testicles. It's in the vas deferens. It's very minimally invasive. Recovery only takes hours. And as far as the "I don't want it messing with my system" comment goes– PLEASE STOP thinking you're so entitled. Women have been taking hormones that "mess with their system" for decades. Talk to any girl you know. I can guarantee you that at least one of them has taken a pill or had an implantation that made them feel sick. Then try to consider a one-time, harmless shot.

  5. I think a lot of guys would take birth control if there were safe and non-invasive options.  Getting a shot of gel somewhere in there is scary.  Taking a pill that will permanently shrink your testes and cause permanent fertility problems is scary.  Taking a pill that temporarily disrupts the production of a certain key protein is not (see JQ1), although imagine if one made it (handicapped offspring?).  As for the nay-sayers who wouldn't trust the guy with birth control, I understand completely, but it's better for the guy to have safe options, as opposed to dangerous options or no options at all, and if you want, you can go on birth control too.  I actually know women who have went off birth control and got pregnant without the guy having any say in the matter, and this is what most men in their right mind want to avoid, although of course there are a lot of guys out there who don't care if they have a bunch of kids and are total deadbeats.

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