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Birth Control Made Me Bald!!! Hair Won't Stop Shedding! | Natural Hair

Birth Control is making me lose my Hair!!!

What’s Goooooood! I know it’s been a HOT minute, but I’m back, and here to SPILL THE TEA! I’ve been on birth control for almost a year and a half, and now it’s time to call it quits!!! These synthetic hormones are wrecking havoc on my strands, it’s even given me a whole new density!!! Make sure you all watch the ENTIRE video to find out all the DETAILS on my current dilemma. If you guys have any tips, or suggestions, please leave them down below.


16 thoughts on “Birth Control Made Me Bald!!! Hair Won't Stop Shedding! | Natural Hair

  1. I know this is supposed to be a serious video, but you have me cracking up! I am so sorry that this happened to you, I loss about half the thickness of my hair due to anemia so I know the stress of all this! Gladly though, your hair seems to be growing back, it still looks good, it's just not what you are used to! Thanks for sharing this, very informative and funny! I wish your hair a speedy recovery!

  2. Girl thank you so much for this video I didint know that birth control was making my hair fall out, I have had this for seven years now and I am nearly bold.Omg !!

  3. Hi my beautiful friend how are you doing and I have question? to ask you about the birth control and how did you get the birth control did you take not to make you gets pregnant or did you take it for not to have kids or children and can you please tell me what's year or what's months did you take the birth control um did the birth control not making your hair grow or did the birth control help your hair grow um by the way I have same thing as you have too I have birth control too on my arms since 2017 I'm think I take the birth control too but I just want to take it out but is hard for me and I'm sick of tired when I have birth control inside on my arms

  4. I'm taking BC pills..and have literally watched my head go bald… i have fibroids hence the reason I'm on it. I'm getting surgery soon to stop this madness…my confidence had gone to an all new low…EFF BIRTH CONTROL!

  5. Yes we need another video on how NOT to get pregnant (not pulling out and not condoms) lol me and my husband need help cuz I can’t do this birth control shit anymoreeeeeee

  6. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS VIDEO!! I have been so concerned with not getting pregnant, that I have allowed my hair to continue shedding. I legit have bald spots and those same little hairs. I just shaved my hair off a year ago and it's still growing back in with tons of breakage. I am utterly fed up! I am making an appointment to get my IUD removed on Monday. I am done with this!

  7. Minastrin is a high androgenic birth control. It causes hair loss to everyone that uses it. Low androgenic birth controls don't cause hair loss, some even promote hair growth like Diane 35 and yaz.

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