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Birth control chemicals making male fish feminine – TomoNews

EXETER, UNITED KINGDOM — A British toxicologist has found that chemicals seeping into the water supply is feminizing the fish population.

A number of male river fish in the U.K. have reportedly turned intersex or transgender, and are now displaying both male and female characteristics, according to a University of Exeter study.

The mutations are caused by chemicals from contraceptive pills, cleaning products, plastics, and cosmetics that make it to the water systems after being flushed down.

Twenty percent of male fish tested in 50 sites displayed less competitive mating behavior and reduced sperm quality, with some even producing eggs.

Offspring of these fish may also be more sensitive to the effects of the chemicals in subsequent exposures.

The research by professor Charles Tyler was entitled “The Feminisation of Nature – an Unnatural History” and served as the opening lecture at the 50th Anniversary Symposium of the Fisheries Society in the British Isles.

Fish biologists around the world are gathering at the symposium to talk about other threats to the fish population, and how to address them.

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28 thoughts on “Birth control chemicals making male fish feminine – TomoNews

  1. studies have shown that fish don't feel pain the way humans do
    hell they dint even have a neocortex
    you can't put yourself in their place because they aren't feeling real pain

    let me put it this way; they know something is hurting them but they likely aren't suffering or experiencing any kind of physical pain

    I go fishing a lot and I have seen first hand that they do not have a reaction to physical trauma;
    they do squirm when you try to restrain them, that's a simple survival reflex
    but if you cut them, they don't react at all

    so no
    I'm not bothered by seeing how the sushi is made

  2. i dont eat fish at all bc of this! why do they do this?! i dont understand why they posted it! ;–; poor fish i love fish! i have a pet fish and if someone says there gonna kill it even if i was a prank i will slap them to death! -.- r.i.p to that fish

  3. I always thought that the fish used for sushi came frozen in vacuum paks. You mean to tell me that that stuff from living creatures. What a surprise (sarcasm).

    BTW, I live on the east coast of the U.S., and much of the sushi grade fish has to be flown in frozen. I've heard that there are sushi restaurants that actual take slices out of living fish, and return them to the fish tank to keep them alive. Is this a thing ?

  4. These chemicals are turning our little boys into girls and we run to the nearest doctor to finish off the transformation freak show instead of looking at what we are feeding our children and hopefully reversing the damage and making johnny john again

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