Last year Birth Becomes You awarded over $10,000 in scholarships to current and aspiring birth photographers! Our recipients included professionals working as doulas, childbirth educators, and photographers representing over 10 states and three countries. 

Words from a few of our participants:

“Birth Photography and videography can transport people into a birth room and witness birth in its most raw and primal form. In my practice, I have had the amazing privilege of empowering families and witnessing them become confident, triumphant, and motivated about their child’s birth and early parenting.” – 2020 Scholarship Recipient

“My clients appreciate me and I feel called to do this.” – 2020 Scholarship Recipient 

“Having followed Birth Becomes You for some time I feel supported in the diversity of stories, images and experiences that have been captured over an arch of time, it is not just performative inclusion. I deeply believe in the power of storytelling, its power for connection, unification, education, transformation and reflection.” – 2020 Scholarship Recipient 

As leaders in the birth photography industry, Co-Founders, Jenn and Monet, created the first online training and certification for birth photographers, as well as a robust and ever-growing community of birth photography professionals. Jenn and Monet share their expertise through a series of fun, enlightening, and helpful online courses created to help photographers develop and grow skills and build a profitable, passion driven birth business. 

Birth Becomes You believes in creating and maintaining a truly inclusive and supportive community for Birth Professionals and Birth Photographers. In this belief, it is especially important to us that we uplift, elevate, support, and provide opportunities for marginalized communities. 

We have watched hundreds of photographers use their passion, talent, and hearts to build ethical, successful, and highly-respected birth photography businesses. 

In 2021, Birth Becomes You will award a limited series of scholarships to professionals interested in taking our live course and becoming Certified Birth Photographers. To learn more about the process and requirements, visit our Scholarship page at https://birthbecomesyou.com/essence-of-birth-scholarship


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