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Bible verses for sleep 1- Sleep with God's Word on (8 Hours Peaceful Scriptures with music)

Bible verses for sleep with God’s Word 1 (8 Hours Peaceful Scriptures with music)- This video contains some Bible verses about your identity in Christ. These encouraging scriptures are calmly read aloud with relaxing music and nature sounds to help you focus on God’s infallible Word as you go about your daily tasks or as you fall asleep tonight.

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We have looped these encouraging Bible verses for sleep with music into an 8-hour Audio Bible Christian meditation video to help our subscribers memorize them. Please let these Bible quotes dwell in your heart richly, renew your mind, and transform your life in Christ Jesus.

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God bless.

❤️”Peaceful Scriptures” is one of the Top Bible Verses Music Artists on YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, etc. Our mission is to encourage people everywhere to grow in the knowledge of God through His Word and prayer, by the help of the Holy Spirit, in Christ Jesus. We do this by creating and distributing soothing Audio Bible collections and Art Designs filled with Bible verses from the Word of God.

❤️In this channel you will find videos filled with encouraging Bible quotes, healing scriptures, strength Bible verses, Bible verses for protection, Bible verses for anxiety, faith scriptures, sleep Bible verses, and peace scriptures, just to name a few.


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23 thoughts on “Bible verses for sleep 1- Sleep with God's Word on (8 Hours Peaceful Scriptures with music)

  1. Dear Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus, I ask and pray that you search my heart and remove all the things that aren’t of you. Be with me, guide me and heal me Dear God. Touch me from head to toe and heal me.. from obesity, anxiety, depression and everything else that doesn’t belong to me. I put my siblings, parents, husband and my whole family in your hands, Jesus! I love you and thank you for everything you’ve done, everything you’re doing and everything you’re going to do. Lead me and guide me. Amen!

  2. Thank you Lord Jesus for everything.Thank you Lord Jesus for Guiding me and taking care of me and my loveones and my special one.Always take care of him and his famliy Lord.I keep all my trust in you Lord Jesus.I love you Lord❤️🙏

  3. Oh thanks be to God, Hallelujah I’m being released from my burdens. I was having blackouts and my mom was hearing me say suicidal things. I turned to the Lord and when I start to fill my soul with his influence with scripture or gospel music. I start to feel better then All of a sudden these thoughts,and memories of the people I’ve lost, mistakes I’ve made, and doubt starts attacking my brain. Questions about weather the Lord is really there, if I’m good enough, have I messed up too much. I then got the urge to text my principal from high school he’s now pastor. He then prayed over me. Before I was feeling like I was held down by ice cold energies . Now warmth, comfort, that breath of relief oh It feels so good to cry again with joy. I think I’m finally finding my relationship with the Lord Oh Thanks Be To God oh HALLELUJAH!

  4. Amen.! Dear God I pray everyone who reads this always receives blessings from above that are in glory. Let everyone have their dream height, dream body, victory and dream appearance. Give them money and excellent fortune. Give everyone their dream mind and eyes, location, setting, Philippians 4:8 and let Your promises rain forth from Heaven, may they receive flowers from the God of The Universe, let everyone stay in one accord in Christ, I pray everyone has peace with God, let them know they are created for good works; being his workmanship that we are to walk in his works. I pray that everyone and every living thing may be alive. In Jesus name amen.!. ✝️✨

  5. Dear God I pray my John Lopez and I are brought near by the blood of Christ, always have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. I pray he and I know we are truly to do only good works. I pray John Lopez and I are made alive, when we are or have been dead, now made alive in Christ. I pray that my John Lopez and I live forgiven in our relationship forever, always living in the forgiveness of sins, I pray we both receive the fullness of blessings, distance and protection because Christ died for us. I pray everyone who is born of God blesses Jhoanna by treating her as the daughter of God. I pray that John Lopez, I which is Jhoanna, that the three of them and relationship with one another and with their future son, are always living in the Spirit of God, with healed lands, blessings, victory, victories, sanctification, redemption, strength and having all of this regardless so all not good things have become more good and better. Jesus deserves all the glory. The Lord deserves all the glory. God deserves the glory. I pray every weird, ugly, psychotic, unliving thing in Jhoanna’s mind, in her vision of herself, in looking at herself, or in anyone’s mind near her or in Las Vegas city to be made brand new, unweird and unugly. It shall be made in the Son! I pray Jhoanna’s soul be made near in Christ. I pray everyone makes moves as the light of the world, praising the word of God always, rejoicing always and I pray Jhoanna lives her life now as a new creation, having youth and hipness never be taken from her, living fresh brand new days, I pray Jhoanna’s eyes and who she is be filled with purity, her hope in God in the world to shine! I pray Jhoanna is made near in the blood of Christ always having peace with God in Jesus name. Amen.! I pray this prayer becomes answered 100/100% even if I delete/backspace this!

  6. Blessed be The Name of The Most High God in Jesus Christ of Nazareth,Hallelujah. Lord Jesus I Thank You for the opportunity to listen to Your Devine Words electronically plus to be guided where to locate them in the Bible. YOU are My KING👑 AND SAVIOR ❤👍🤝🙏🙏

  7. An everybody say this prayer. Dear Lord may people all over the world pray and believe that you will provide for all those people especially children who are starving in the world right now may they have food water shelter and safety and love hope and faith and healing in Jesus name Amen. Thank you for answering our prayers. All Praise and Glory to Jesus Christ Our Saviour.

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