BHAD BHABIE - Breaking Code Silence - Turn About Ranch abuse Dr. Phil | Danielle Bregoli

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46 thoughts on “BHAD BHABIE – Breaking Code Silence – Turn About Ranch abuse Dr. Phil | Danielle Bregoli”
  1. idc what anyone says, the troubled teen industry is a disgusting thing. they profit off of the abuse and neglect of literal children and anyone who hasn’t been through it, does not truly know. i have been sent to 3 different facilities, hospitals, programs, whatever u choose to call it. this was from the ages of 9 to 14. i didn’t do anything wrong. i was a child who was struggling emotionally in an abusive household. when i was sent as a teen, it was for a suicide attempt and instead of supporting me, i was handcuffed, pinned to the ground, and thrown into the back of a cop car to be transported 3 hours while i screamed and threw up. in all of 3 of these programs throughout many years, i was abused. i was starved, beaten, drugged, sexually exploited, made to sleep on bathroom floors, denied water and medication, kept from my family, made to do hard labor, and much much more. i almost died multiple times and watched my friends get beaten, drugged, and kidnapped. they shut me down abt my moms drinking and made me seem crazy for saying she was an alcoholic because she paid them, which ultimately killed her because no one believed me and she couldn’t get the help she needed. i have watched some of my closest friends OD on bathroom floors due to the trauma from these places. if u do ur research, u will come to find that these experiences are not rare. i am 16 now, i am thriving, and i am simply lucky that i was strong enough to pull myself through it and heal from the trauma i experienced. i met some of my best friends there that even 2 years later, i talk to every day. i’m in high school, i play varsity tennis, i have an incredible boyfriend, and i plan on going to med school or working in pediatric nursing. i am truly grateful that i made it out and that i’m ok now because not everyone that goes through that ends up even somewhat ok. i was also very blessed that i had a loving family to fall back on once i got home. point is, it’s wrong. kids have died, committed suicide, etc. because of these places and it’s so beyond fucked up. i thank the universe everyday for my blessings and that i was able to overcome that trauma. i fully believe what she’s saying because the same things have happened to me and millions of others just like us. we are all in this together.

  2. Sorry that happened to you, no excuse EVER for that type of treatment. Justice absolutely needs to be served.

    Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get to the core. Had you not been such an irate, arrogant, self-centered, mean, delusional asshole, you would’ve never been sent there in the first place!! Teenager or not, the way you behaved was appalling and deserved the strictest response. If you were my kid, you wouldn’t have gotten past age 5 with that attitude and talk.

    Sidenote, if you are not actively involved in therapy at this given moment, you are as bad as Kanye West. A ticking time bomb that deserves no attention. Shape up. Grow up. You have plenty of money, no excuses at all!

    Finally, just to show you how much I care, I came to your page specifically to tell you this.

  3. So basically, as I understand. They're using tactics from 'Nineteen Eighty-Four' to get troubled kids to become a desirable member of society? They use physical, but mostly mental manipulation and torture, such as sleep-deprivation, starvation and exhaustion to break the will of the children, and to get them to be so obedient to the point that they will literally lay down and roll over in order to get treated with basic human rights and respect?
    That ranch is only a misstep away from being a concentration camp… 😡💢

  4. I love that you're speaking up about your own experience and speaking up for everyone else that had to go through something so inhumane. 💔 i hope you're doing so much better mama, nobody deserves to go through all that. love you💖

  5. The fact is that it doesn't matter if you like her as a person/artist or not, this is a case of child abuse and it happened to so many kids. It's important no matter what you think of her

  6. wow this young lady is eloquent in how she describes her treatment , for those who say she is lying rewatch again and notice how she is engaged with the camera her face and body language tells you she is relating honestly a memory. the swearing alot of times is a reflection of the stress and fear of that memory. how do i know? i am an adult survivor of child abuse both in the home i grew up in and in foster care, you learn to read people well in order to keep yourself safe. i hope she can heal from this trauma and has people to talk to process the pain.

  7. Listen. Of course we, as an audience to that crap of a show, wanted to hate you. Mission accomplished. However, I saw this coming. If it was the place as Phil would have liked and repeatedly advertised? That would be great. But it's not. None of them are! I'm 54 years old and still have not recovered from the abuse I received at Lakeside Mental hospital in Memphis Tennessee in 1985. I was 16. What you speak of at this ranch? It's a mirror. They try to break you. You can't speak. That circle!!! I know it well!
    And God forbid you try to tell someone during the occasional visits you might get from family. You need to be pristine and well-behaved so that you can show these people how well they have done with you. Any deviation from that? The punishment is severe. Behind closed doors.
    They tell the family one thing? And you another. It wasn't until my early 30's when I felt safe enough to tell my mom what truly happened.
    She was horrified. So? I hear you girl. I get it. I'm so sorry that happened to you. I wish you the absolute best. And thank you.

  8. As someone who was in a placement I hear you, and fully believe you. My placement called a girl a hypochondriac when she was clearly sick (pale skin, loosing weight, and sunken in face) and all of us started silently protesting even the staff too. Until she was given the okay to go to the hospital. Turns out she had stage 4 leukemia. She passed mere months after being discharged.. This happened so many times, and even to me when I miscarried. Absolutely horrifying what these places do to children.

  9. You were in the top 1% of awful, nasty, disgusting teenage girls that was so out of control and now you are a rich celebrity because of that, so maybe you should be looking at that Dr Phil situation as a blessing because without it you'd just be some chick pregnant with her third kid by third different daddy in Tampa or Palm Beach Florida

  10. I've worked at a therapeutic residential school with crazy kids, and you don't know what you're talking about. We were trained and told to put students in what they call therapeutic holds if they tried to run or try to attack another student or something to that effect. That is because the students would try and attack staff and others constantly at the school I was at. Where I work it was in the woods of New Hampshire and it was all boys and the parents paid upwards of a $100,000 a year for them to stay there. The difference was, most of these kids up to the age of 21, or kicked out of public schools for issues with violence or sexual issues, such as assaults or rapes or molestation of younger students. These weren't exactly honor roll Angels, if we didn't watch our back you can get severely hurt by one of these kids that's already a full grown adult in size. The job was terrible I think I made it 6 months before I quit.

  11. Here's a thought, how about you just listen to your parents and go to school the first time so you don't have to deal with any of this then that would never be a problem. Wild right?

  12. It’s not supposed to be a resort . Kids are sent there as a last resort because they are unmanageable at home . I imagine there are enough success stories but I am sure Dr Phil won’t attach his name to something he doesn’t approve of . I hope that it does help kids and not make their lives worse

  13. im so sorry mami….. my heart breaks for you…… why your mom did this to you is beyond me………. I wish i could give u a big ass hug……… you didnt deserve any of this

  14. This happens all the time everywhere kids get kidnapped in the middle of the night for transport. They say it’s for “violent” patients but I wasn’t violent and was willing to go but they beat the shit out of me then sent me.

  15. HOLY WHITE PRIVILEGE. This little bitch was given a choice of going to prison for a long time or going to that ranch, she chose the ranch. Every allegation I heard her make is far better than prison which is where she belonged at the time. This over-privileged little white girl from Florida became famous by being on Dr. Phil while the rest of the world gets raped in prison for the crimes that she admitted to. Now she's a famous millionaire for being on Dr. Phil and going to that ranch and this little bitch is still complaining. Even with all of her allegations that ranch sounds like a vacation from prison. This is the epitome of white privilege, cuz you don't get pampered at a vacation ranch from prison, and become famous when that goes down in the city. In the city you get caged 23 hours every day for years and the only fame you get is a five spot on the evening news.

  16. I recently went to a place like this an when it tell you I feel you on another level I mean that! I still haven’t spoke about it bc like she said it’s me against everybody else

  17. I taught briefly at an alternative "open" school in the mid 1970's, at the dawn of programs that rose from generally well-intended Outward Bound styled courses. Short trips into the wilds focused on a "back to nature" idea that was naive and romantically altruistic, merging Thoreau with est self-actualizing, but with varying doses of military boot camp beatdown indoctrination, in the belief that simplifying and providing controlled environments for young people to get away from the overstimulated, "unnatural" urban settings would promote grounded healing, implicit in the counterculture movements then. The trouble was, few actual mental health professionals were involved, and our efforts were vague and untestable, regarding outcomes. A friend briefly worked for an independent "Hoods in the Woods" program, but I passed. As the promoters and marketers of such facilities saw lucrative ties with school districts, juvenile legal systems, etc., the potential for abuse grew rapidly; stories like hers are not surprising. What is, is the lack of respect, for the victims, and the dismissal of allegations in the same manner as Harvey Weinstein's. Ugliest of all may be the myriad centers preying on desperate family, using religious gibberish as a veneer to appear trustworthy. Apart from the inappropriate claims, to "pray away" the gay, or the rebellious or troubled behaviors, which may merely be within normal developmental phases, more serious mental health issues may be ignored, or made worse in such environments, even before the actual levels of abuse factor in. She saw the frightening closed loop where silence is enforced, and evidence is conveniently absent.

  18. This story sounds a lot like what happened to Paris Hilton at another place in Utah! This state needs to investigate and discipline these places but of course Conservatives couldn't give a crap. Also reminds me of what happened at Fairview Training Center, a state run asylum in Salem Oregon. Not only was there extreme physical and mental abuse, there were murders, many that were swept under the rug. Check the True Crime story and PBS documentary on YouTube. They dodged and got out of so many investigations until the governor gave people more rights at the end of the 1990's, and after being open almost 100 years it was finally shut down. I hope you can get this facility reprimanded and sued at the very least! This place needs to be investigated! Dr Phil is ending this show and starting a new one. Don't give up.

  19. I was sent to a place called "Powerhouse" in Mansfield Arkansas back in 1989 and it was a 9 month place, same drill. Out in the middle of nowhere, one horse town with no communication to the outside world other than the phone in the counselors office. We had many of the sleep deprivation groups where we would sit for 48 hours not allowed to fall asleep and they just sit and yell at you. If you mess up you have to carry rocks from one pile and walk them about 50 yards and set them down into another pile. It was called "Rock Crew" and the number of hours you had to do it was based on what you did wrong. There wasn't any S3Xual abuse or even physical abuse ( that I SAW or experienced myself) BUT, the extreme shit they do to these kids is 100% unchecked. And the entire thing is set up to bilk the insurance companies for every dollar they can get charging them rates for a counselor that MAYBE took a class or two as though they are legitimate psychiatrists and psychologists, which of course, are nowhere to been seen throughout the entire nine months.
    I liked to look back at it like a 12 Step Cult Compound. We literally saw the man and his wife that "owned" the place and lived ON the compound, maybe 1 to 2 times a month, and remember, we are out in the middle of absolute nowhere. So what I learned as I got older was that these counselors are nothing more than "recovering addicts" themselves that get hired on by the facility owner and sub contracted like a dry wall repair man…who even knows if they were clean and sober themselves other then their word to this owner? How is that legal? I can tell you all day that I have years clean and sober while I pop some Xanax and snort some Adderall to get my day goin… and last but not least, years later when I would find some of the other kids I knew there on social media? I find out the head counselor "Steve" had unalived himself only about 5 or 10 years after I had been there. Yeah. That was the guy that turned me around. People need to wake up to the concept of "long term treatment" and just call it what it is " Low Security Lockdown for troubled teens." They ONLY thing that made my life better for having been there was the friends I made. And TBH, I could have just done that at Lakeside Hospital where I had gotten sent there from. THAT place actually got through to me. Powerhouse was just a place to stick me until I got old enough, in my opinion.

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