Are you a breastfeeding parent who will be spending a lot of time at the pool this summer? Here are some of the best nursing swimsuits that can make nursing or pumping at the pool or beach easier.

Woman wearing blue and white striped tankini on a white background with text overlay Best Nursing Swimsuits

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What is a Nursing Swimsuit?

A nursing swimsuit is just a bathing suit that makes it easy for you to access your breasts to breastfeed, whether that’s via nursing your baby or pumping.

Nursing swimsuits can have different features. Some allow for hands-free pumping, some have hooks that bring down a panel, and some are just normal suits that allow for easy access.

Best Nursing Swimsuits

Below are three of my favorite swimsuits for breastfeeding parents:

Kindred Bravely Hands-Free Pumping Tankini

✅ Can use for hands-free pumping or nursing

✅ Choice of three different bottoms to wear with the top

EastElegant Nursing Swimsuit

✅ Allows you to put one or both sides down at a time for nursing or pumping

✅ Affordable and good quality

Kindred Bravely Wrap One Piece Nursing Swimsuit

✅  Simple crossover design that allows easy access but can be used when you’re done breastfeeding

Here are some more details on each of these suits.

Kindred Bravely Crossover Maternity, Nursing, & Pumping Tankini

Woman wearing blue and white pumping tankini on a white background

Kindred Bravely’s hands-free pumping tankini is an AMAZING option for exclusive pumpers that spend a lot of time wearing a bathing suit. Not only is it built for easy access for nursing, but it has a hands-free set-up that makes pumping at the pool or splash park simple.

You can see a little more of how it works here:


  • Easy to use for both nursing and pumping
  • When set up as a hands-free pumping bra, works well when the suit is dry and when it is wet
  • You can pick from three different bottoms to go with the tankini top
  • Great option for pregnancy, lactation, or anytime – it’s a versatile suit!


  • I found it a little challenging to put the breast shields in from the front (though from the back it was fine). You might want to practice at home first

EastElegant Nursing Swimsuit

Woman wearing red nursing swimsuit with a white background

The EastElegant Nursing Swimsuit is a cute one-piece swimsuit that comes in red and black, and it has hooks that allow you access to your breasts for pumping or nursing.

You can see more of it here:


  • Has a hook-and-latch feature that allows you to easily access both sides for pumping
  • Flattering for a postpartum belly
  • Affordably priced


  • May not work well for large-chested women
  • If you’re exclusively pumping, you’d need a separate hands-free bra to pump

Kindred Bravely Wrap One Piece Nursing Swimsuit

woman wearing black wrap one-piece swimsuit with a white background

The Kindred Bravely Nursing and Maternity Wrap one-piece suit is another great option! In addition to black, it comes in pink and the same blue and white stripe pattern as in the tankini photo above.

More in the below stories:


  • Easy to access both sides at the same time for pumping
  • Flattering suit that can easily be worn after you’re done breastfeeding (it’s designed to provide access but doesn’t have specific “nursing” features)
  • Good quality


  • You’d need a separate hands-free bra to pump

Have you used a nursing swimsuit? Tell us which one and what you thought in the comments!


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