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Best Montessori Activities for Infants Development in 2021

You are probably not surprised to hear that there are Montessori activities for children too. Most often, you hear people saying, if only I knew that these things are also applicable for children, I would have done it. Therefore, the best time to use these fabulous Montessori ideas is from infants.

Suppose you are still confused about what Montessori activities are. In that case, it is a philosophy of “help me do it myself,” i.e., activities that promote critical thinking, fine motor development, self-sufficiency, independence, learn by doing, and sensory exploration. These activities are tailored to the infant’s developmental needs. So if you wonder if there are activities that can make your infants developmentally and physically, here are the lists of 10 Montessori activities for children. 

10 Montessori Activities for Infants & Toddlers

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There are lots of these activities that you may be doing without even noticing, like touching the baby, communicating with them, or how you set up their rooms, but here we will bring all to your notice so that you master them. Believe it, babies take the impression of the things around them, and they categories them into good and evil, so laying the foundations for them will determine how they live their formative years.

This is good for newborn visual development. When you hang the highly contrasting Munari portable balls — usually white and black Munari mobile 30cm away from the children’s focusing distance, they can easily focus on the space you hang them and also focus on their parent’s faces when they hold them.

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This is good for auditory processing. All you need to do is hang the box, and you or the child pull the string to activate the sound. You can also play a classical piece of music. However, an older person will start this activity by pulling the cord to make it play for some days to get the baby’s attention.

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This is to develop their fine motor skills by grabbing the processes. The materials are a full circle, and the other one is a slot card with half the full circle diameter. Initially, when placed in the baby’s hand, they will grab it by reflexes. However, they will start holding them intentionally as their grabbing changes from reflex to intentional. Soon after, the baby will put the circle on the other hand as they get older.

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Collecting realistic books with pictures only or with just a word can help build their language skills, making the child want to relate to the world through those pictures. 

Through eye contact and body language, the adults allow the baby to believe that they are interested in what they express. Infants will define themselves by making sounds, expressions, or poking out their tongues. This particular activity helps the infant to develop their language skills. 

A Moses basket that is comfortable for the child and a bit spacious will allow the children to move around and have opportunities inside the basket. The children will have a lot of time and space to tumble around and build their muscle strength.

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7. Fluffy toys, cloth books, wooden toys and rattles

These engage many of the senses; the small silver rattle, when grasp, build their fine motor skills, and the soft sound from it stimulates their auditory understanding. Wooden toys and rattles allow a child to do many things like banging mouths on them, and the aesthetically pleasing toys give them a more natural texture feel than plastic toys.

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8. Toys on Suction Cup Base

These toys on the bottom of the cup rocks when hit. Like an exact ball filled with lots of tiny balls on a rubber suction stand. The child will try to reach it and grabs it intentionally; this will grow their eye-hand coordination. 

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Getting a block of crayons and paper of different textures, colors, and sizes for the child to paint and scribble. Then an underlay-protect table, either covering the whole table or small table mat size. This will be good for art/self-expression. 

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This wagon’s weight should be doubled with either a sandbag or the value should be carefully weighed during construction so that a child will not tip it over as she pulls on it. This particular Montessori activity helps for the gross motor movement. 

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Other Montessori activities for children under 12 months are furniture with keys that a child could quickly unlock and open to aid eye-hand coordination. A box with balls push is a closed rectangular shape box with three holes that hold a ball; this is for children to practice posting and releasing an object; this aids intentionally.

Other activities, like playing with a spinning top, is an activity for gross motor movement. Rings on a stable base allow eye-hand coordination. Low heavy table activities enhance gross motor movement skills when a child pulls this table to stand. Discovery bottles that are sensory bottles imbued the lessons of mindfulness that helps the baby against anxiety. The bottles ignite the senses and allow the baby to approach those bottles with either sight (color), smell (odor), or texture. Another Montessori activity for infants is the sand and water play toddler activity that allows exploring tools for scooping, sifting, and pouring. For water, water for a bath is enough to play with. 

So here are some great, simple, and pocket-friendly Montessori activities for your infants to make them grow physically and mentally. These activities will enhance their fine and gross motor skills, special senses, motor coordination, self-awareness, self-dependence, and critical thinking skills.  

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