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Best iPhone Compatible Baby Monitors 2021 – Buying Guide

If you are a new parent or about to become one, you must be concerned about parenting’s extensive roles. Parenting is not an easy task, especially if you are a working parent. Baby surveillance sits on top of the priority list of baby care and is quite challenging.  

With technology advancing each day, life has become very easy and convenient. Baby monitors are available that provide us with the opportunity to monitor our baby on the go. If you travel frequently, baby monitors can be your favorite parenting essential!

Today, baby monitors that connect to iPhone are available in the market, which allows you to access and monitor your baby’s audio and video footage anywhere and at any time. These iOS compatible baby monitors help provide you real-time information about your little bundle of joy.

Baby monitors allow you to work carefreely around your home, in the kitchen, or out in the garden. You don’t have to run back and forth every 10 minutes to ensure that your baby is safe and sound. A baby monitor undoubtedly makes a parent’s life pleasant and peaceful.


Nanit Plus N211US

Best Baby Monitor for iPhone

  • Camera with HD Video & Audio
  • Sleep Tracking
  • Night Vision
  • Temperature & Humidity Sensors
  • Two-Way Audio
  • Easy to use
  • iPhone, Mac compatible

iOS Compatible Baby Monitors Buyer’s Guide

With so many options available in the market, choosing the best baby monitor for iPhone can be a daunting task. Before you invest your precious bucks on any such device, you must have thorough knowledge about the primary factors that must be considered in an iPhone compatible baby monitor. 

We recommend looking for style along with functionality when it comes to iOS compatible baby monitors. Don’t just go for audio-only devices, instead search for smart video devices that allow you to watch, listen, and soothe your baby from a distance in your home.

The following are some of the most important factors to consider when buying a baby monitor for iPhone. 

Easy to use features

If you are a new parent or a beginner in the world of baby technology, you need to go for baby monitors that are user-friendly and compatible with your iPhone or iPad. What’s the use of buying an expensive device with multiple features that are difficult to operate? Choose a baby monitor that features options that are helpful and guarantee high usability. This makes the purchase practical and effective.

Night Vision Video Technology

If your baby loves to sleep in the dark, buy a baby monitor that features night vision video technology. This feature is essential in modern baby monitors. If the baby monitor doesn’t feature the night vision option, monitoring your baby in the dark can be a cumbersome task. However, if the monitor has a night mode option, you can observe your baby better and clearer, even if you are out monitoring the baby through your iPhone.

Low-Battery Indicator

To ensure that the baby monitor won’t run out of battery in the middle of the night, a low-battery indicator should be necessarily present. This helps you to recharge the monitor beforehand. You can even get a low-battery indicator on your iPhone once a baby monitor is connected to the phone.

Audio-Visual Quality

Look for a baby monitor that offers the best image quality in High Definition. Good video quality makes monitoring of the baby pleasing and enjoyable. Aside from video quality, clear audio quality should also be considered. This factor holds considerable importance because iPhone compatible baby monitors must have a superb audio-visual quality since monitoring your baby from a phone.

Temperature Sensor

You can use your iPhone compatible baby monitor to monitor your baby’s room temperature. This is because modern baby monitors are equipped with temperature sensors that allow the parent to check the baby’s environment’s temperature conditions.

Encrypted Wireless Communications

Scamming and hacking have been an unwanted part of the technology world. So, we recommend going for baby monitors that have wireless encryption. This feature guarantees safe and secure baby monitoring without allowing anyone else to access the baby’s audio and video footage. Encryption is more important for iPhone compatible baby monitor because tapping into the phone is very common these days, so you need to have encrypted wireless communication.


There are two types of iOS-compatible baby monitors available in the market; rechargeable and non-rechargeable ones. The non-rechargeable baby monitors come with an electrical cord that makes portability confined to a single room only.

On the other hand, rechargeable baby monitors are comparatively more convenient because they can be carried around the house. However, the downside to rechargeable baby monitors is that the battery runs out quickly.

Connectivity & Remote Features

When looking for iOS compatible baby monitors, analyze the connectivity features carefully. You don’t want to end up with a baby monitor that isn’t compatible with your iPhone. Other than connectivity, look for remote features such as tilt, zoom, and camera pan, which can be controlled through your iPhone..


If you have more than one baby or twins, go for expandable baby monitors that allow you to add more than one camera or receiving unit. This way, you can monitor more than one baby on your iPhone cost-effectively.


When it comes to buying an electronic device, one must have a clear idea of the budget they are willing to spend. This makes shopping easy and straightforward. Baby monitors usually cost between $50 to $400. This range depends upon the blend of functionality and style plus additional features. If you have a low budget, you can get a great audio-only baby monitor. However, if your budget is flexible, you can get an incredible video-plus-audio baby monitor with iPhone connectivity and HD imaging.

Best Baby Monitors for iPhone, iPad & Mac 2021

With so many options available in the market, selecting the products that standout becomes quite challenging. We have rounded up the six best baby monitors for iPhone that are hands down the best in terms of style and functionality for your ease.

We have weighed the pros and cons of each product carefully to help you instantly find your favorite iPhone compatible baby monitor. Keep reading further to get insights into the best baby monitors for iPhone!


Editors Choice

Editors Choice

  • Range: 960ft
  • Display: Connect with iPhone.
  • Power Source: No batteries required
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Baby Monitor for iPhone

iOS Compatible

  • Range: Good Range
  • Display: HD 1080p
  • Power Source: No Batteries required, Must remain plugged in.
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Baby Monitor for iPhone

Baby Monitor for iPhone

  • Range: 360°viewing angle
  • Display: 1080P
  • Power Source: Must remain plugged in
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HSA/FSA Approved

iPhone Baby Monitor

  • Range: 900ft
  • Display: 720P HD Display
  • Power Source: No Batteries required
Check On Amazon

Baby Monitor for iPad

Baby Monitor for iPad

  • Range: 960 feet
  • Display: HD 720P
  • Power Source: Baby unit needs to be plugged in
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1. Nanit Plus N211US

Editors Choice

  • Camera with HD Video & Audio
  • Sleep Tracking
  • Night Vision
  • Temperature & Humidity Sensors
  • Two-Way Audio
  • Easy to use
  • iPhone, Mac compatible

If you have just embraced parenthood and are looking for a baby monitor that offers versatile connectivity features, consider getting the NanitPlus N211US Smart Baby Monitor. This iPhone compatible baby monitor offers some incredible features, including breathing monitoring and sleep tracking. It allows you to get an HD view of your baby at any time of the day on your iPhone.

What’s even more captivating about this baby monitor is that it offers two-way audio technology, making baby monitoring more convenient and enjoyable. With this baby monitor, you can easily manage the temperature and humidity levels remotely from a distance to maintain a cozy environment in your baby’s nursery.

The sleep tracking feature of theNanitPlus N211US provides you with the entire night’s data of your baby in a video form. This feature also comes with a suitable time-lapse option, which allows you to monitor your baby’s last night’s sleep in a few seconds. This product is enhanced further with the Nanit app that provides tips and tricks on your baby’s sleep guidance from the famous pediatric sleep experts.

Every parent loves to capture their toddler’s precious moments. Don’t worry; the NanitPlus N211US has got you covered. This product allows you to save your baby’s joyful moments on your iPhone, which you can access and share with your friends later to enjoy these memorable moments together. This baby monitor offers safe and secure data encryption as well.

It allows the parent to control the small actions of all the users through two-factor authentication. Nanit Insights provide a one-year subscription to sleep tracking and video history. However, you will have to purchase the subscription after one year. This baby monitor comes with a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty, which is always an advantage if any malfunction or disorder occurs.


  • Features breath monitoring option.
  • Tracks sleep data with video.
  • Features a sensor for temperature and humidity.
  • Capable of managing two-way audio.
  • The image quality is superb.


  • A subscription is required for tracking sleep data after one year.
  • The speaker quality is pretty average.

2. iBaby Smart M7LK 

Mommy Assistant

  • 1080p Video
  • Wall Mount Included
  • 360° pan & up to 110° tilt
  • Two-Way Audio Speakers
  • Quick & Easy MFi Installation
  • Privacy Mode
  • AWS Security
  • 1000+ Lullabies
  • iPhone 5 or newer, iPad
  • Temperature Sensor

 Are you always on the go and concerned about the hassles of keeping up with your baby? With the iBaby Care M7 Lite Baby Monitor, you don’t need to worry about your baby’s safety and sleeping patterns. This baby monitor connects to the iPhone and enables you to watch your baby 24/7. It is equipped with night vision technology, which allows you to monitor your baby even in the dark.

The iBaby Care M7 Lite Baby Monitor can serve to be your best friend because of its versatile viewing angles. The panning and tilting features give you a 360-degree pan and a 110-degree tilt option to view your baby according to your desired preference. This feature comes in handy a lot if your baby has learned to stand and crawl around.

What’s even more fascinating about this product is that multiple users can watch your baby at a time and help you relax and take a break from babysitting. However, you can always cut the access whenever you want and turn the baby monitor to private through your iPhone. This feature is also very advantageous in allowing your faraway relatives to watch your little bundle of joy.

This High Definition Baby Monitor offers some cool sound features as well. It is equipped with high-quality speakers that play baby-friendly sounds to keep your baby cheery and smiling. You can control the sounds from far away through your iPhone. If your toddler loves to hear bedtime stories, this product has got you covered. It does the most amazing job of narrating the stories, which leads your baby to fall asleep in a matter of minutes.

This product has a designated iBaby App, which is compatible with iOS and Android devices making this baby monitor the most compatible baby monitor for iPhone. Besides connectivity, this baby monitor offers some pretty incredible mom features, including alterable feeding and diaper alarms, a privacy breastfeeding button, and baby growth and weight tracking options.

Today, most parents are concerned about their baby’s safety, and this baby monitor validates this factor beautifully. It uses the AWS security servers to ensure that your baby’s video stays in safe hands and abstain from leaking on an undesired platform. This iOS compatible baby monitor is something you don’t want to miss due to its great performance delivery.


  •  Features versatile pan and tilt options, which offers a wide field of view.
  • It offers high-quality video quality.
  • It features some incredible sound features, including bedtime stories and lullabies.
  • It offers safe and secure baby monitoring.


  • The sound quality is average.  

3. Peteme PE220 Baby Monitor


  • 2-Way Audio 
  • Night Vision
  • MAC, iPhone, iPad compatible
  • Motion Detection & Real-Time Alert
  • Pan 355°/150°/100°broad View
  • Multi-Sharing
  • Easy to Install
  • Free PTZ & Wide Angle

 Are you tired of babysitting your baby all day long? Have you canceled a dozen family outing trips just because you’re concerned about your baby’s safety? Well, gone are the days when you would cancel all the hangout plans with your friends and family. With the Peteme PE220 Baby Monitor, you can enjoy your life as you used to before entering motherhood.

This baby monitor delivers a Full HD display and features night vision technology to help you monitor your baby in full darkness. It uses a 6G lens and nine infrared LED lights to bring you the most vibrant and clear colors on screen and even on your iPhone. This baby monitor connects to the iPhone and supports two-way communication making baby monitoring efficient and entertaining.

The two-way communication option provides a brilliant opportunity to connect with family members and enjoy the little cherishable moments of your toddler. This is because you can share the camera with multiple users at a time on their iPhone. This feature is also very beneficial in allowing your faraway relatives to watch your little bundle of joy all day long.

If you are constantly conscious about your baby’s surroundings, this baby monitor can help you view the entire nursery on your iPhone just with a matter of few touches. It is because this baby monitor offers a wide view of the field of up to 355-degrees pan and up to 100-degrees tilt so that you can have a complete nursery tour virtually.

Overall, the Peteme PE220 Baby Monitor does an incredible job of what it promises. The manufacturer also offers an all-time service if you encounter any malfunction or disorder with the product’s camera or microphone. The only downside to this amazing product is that it is not compatible with Alexa or Google Home.


  • It provides the highest quality videos due to its high-end installed camera.
  • Extremely affordable.
  • It supports two-way communication.
  • It offers a wide field of view so that you can view the entire nursery easily.


  • Not compatible with Alexa or Google Home.

4. Miku Smart Baby Monitor

Ultimate Security

  • Breathing & Movement Monitor 
  • HSA/FSA Approved
  • Real-Time Breathing & Sleep Tracking
  • HD Video & Audio
  • Night Vision
  • Two-Way Talk, Sound
  • Humidity & Temperature
  • Crypto Security
  • Lullabies Sounds

 Are you a full-time office worker anxious about returning to your job after having your baby? Well, you don’t need to worry because we have an iPhone compatible baby monitor at your service, which will keep you up to date on your baby’s whereabouts on your iPhone. The Miku Smart Baby Monitor allows you to watch your baby and note their sleep and breathing patterns.

This iOS compatible baby monitor connects to your iPhone and keeps you on track with your child’s movement, breathing and sleep patterns, and nursery conditions at all times efficiently. This feature holds considerable value as it informs you about the nursery’s temperature and humidity settings. This baby monitor allows you to download baby-friendly soundtracks and videos through your iPhone.

There are various sleep-inducing sounds that you can download, which can help your baby fall asleep quickly. These soundtracks are played on high-quality Miku’s dual Ole Wolff speakers to induce the deepest and most peaceful sleep for your baby.

With the Miku Smart Baby Monitor, you don’t have to worry about unsecured monitoring. This baby monitor is installed with a tamper-resistant Crypto Chip that doesn’t allow your data to leak and reach the wrong hands. This product has a two-factor authentication that asks for validation on your iPhone if you wish to share the screen with someone else.

This product is equipped with accurately responsive temperature and humidity sensors. It also features night vision technology to help you view your baby even in the dark. What’s more attractive about this product is that it doesn’t work on batteries and is rechargeable. The two-way audio allows the parent to interact with the baby through the monitor and the iPhone.


  • It monitors breathing and sleeps patterns.
  • Features temperature and humidity sensors.
  • It provides HD video quality.
  • It gives motion and non-motion alerts.
  • Very easy to install.


  • Pricey.
  • Not compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant voice.

5. Motorola Halo+ MBP944 CONNECT

Stay on Top of Babies Health

  • Infant Wi-Fi Camera with Overhead Crib Mount –
  • 4.3-Inch Color Screen
  • Infrared Night Vision and Intercom
  • Compatible with Remote Viewing App
  • Sleep Tracker
  • Voice Assistant Compatible
  • Dedicated Parenting Support
  • Sleep Activity Insights
  • Available for iOS and Android

 If you struggle to keep an eye on your baby while working in the kitchen or elsewhere in the house, you need an iOS-compatible baby monitor in your life. The Motorola Halo+ Baby Monitor is a multi-purpose baby monitoring system that provides an overhead view of your little one. All you need to do is connect your iPhone with the Hubble app and get access to your baby’s sleeping and playing moments.

This baby monitor offers a highly functional infrared night vision feature that gives the clearest view of your baby in the dark with a sharp 1080p resolution video quality. The Motorola Halo+ Baby Monitor keeps you informed about your baby’s progressing health by keeping track of the baby’s diaper changes, feeding times, and pumping sessions. This is something that not all baby monitors offer.

A baby monitor that connects to the iPhone plus has a two-way communication system is an outstanding combination. If you are somewhere far from the baby and encounter him or her in an uncomfortable state or crying, you can speak to the baby and calm the baby with your voice. This way, your baby will feel safe and secure.

This baby monitor is distinct from its competitors because it is equipped with a super cool night light and light show projector. The night light throws seven different colors in the nursery, making it cozy and colorful for the baby. The light show projector projects some interesting figures and patterns on the ceiling, attractive to the baby, helping your child fall asleep happily.

All in all, the Motorola Halo+ Baby Monitor lets you check in on your little one even if you are far away due to office work or business meetings due to iPhone compatible nature. It transfers the baby’s daily feed through a digitally encrypted video signal to prevent the baby monitor from hacking and scamming issues. Even if you are halfway across the world, this baby monitor has got your back!


  •  Features a night light and a light show projector to keep the nursery colorful and cozy at night time.
  • Easy to install.
  • The monitor is handheld.
  • It delivers high-quality video on the monitor.


  • Pricey.
  • Some features require a subscription.


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