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Best Formula for Breastfed Babies

The Happy Baby is an organic package of goodness for your little one. Containing all the key ingredients present in breastmilk, this formula can supplement all your child’s needs till they turn 1 year of age.

The Happy Baby is highly nutritious containing DHA and ARA for the development of the nervous system and eyes. It contains various vitamins (C and D) and minerals like zinc, phosphorus, calcium, choline, and organic lactose to promote the development of the child’s body systems, organs and to boost overall health. 

It is also made with prebiotics GOS and FOS to enhance immunity, and develop good bacteria in the gut to ease digestion. Rich in proteins and lactose, the Happy Baby helps to build your child’s bones, muscles, organs as well as energy reserves.

This formula has been carefully made, with organic non-genetically engineered materials. Even the lactose is sourced from cows that are raised on organic farms.

Our Verdict: 

There are two factors that always influence our decision to buy a product- benefits and cost. Happy Baby infant formula ticks both the boxes on our list, being both nutritious and the most affordable formula on our list.

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