Other than a breast pump – which is obviously the most important thing that you need for pumping! – there are lots of breast pump accessories and products that can make your life much, much easier. Here are eleven essential breastfeeding products for pumping.

woman wearing black hands-free pumping bra and pumping, lavie lactation massager on a white background, collapsible wash basin on a white background, and medela breast milk cooler on a white background with text overlay 11 Essential Breast Pump Accessories

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Before your baby is born, you might be wondering, “what do I need for pumping?” Here’s a quick checklist of products that can make breast pumping much easier.

What Breast Pump Accessories Do You Really Need?

1. A Hands-free Bra or Hands-free Breast Pump

Using either a hands-free pumping bra or wireless breast pump (like the Willow or Elvie) can be life-changing!

Before I started using my hands-free bra, I was spending every pumping session holding my breast shields in place.

Then a friend gave me one as a hand-me-down. It was amazing – I felt like I had so much time back, because I could multitask.

My favorite is the Pump Strap hands-free bra – I like that it’s one size fits most and works well with breast shields that are attached to the connector (like Spectra breast shields).

woman wearing teal Pump Strap Hands-Free Pumping Bra and pumping breast milk

Another great option is the Sublime hands-free pumping bra by Kindred Bravely! It’s just your nursing bra – no additional equipment required. It’s super comfortable and has two layers – a pumping bra layer and then a covering over that.

(Bonus – if you use this link and are a first time customer, 20% off will be applied at checkout!)

You can see the different types in the below stories:

More on hands-free pumping bras here.

2. Wash Basin

The CDC recommends washing infant feeding items in a separate wash basin. This is necessary due to the possibility of bacteria in sink.

A collapsible wash basin like the one below can be a good option if you’re using it at work.

collapsible wash basin on a white background

More on why you need a wash basin here.

3. Extra Sets of Pump Parts

I had at least four sets of pump parts. It’s so nice to have extra ones that you can just throw into your pump bag when you’re heading out an in a rush, and it’s easier to wash them all at once, batch-style, versus doing it constantly.

Also, I like being able to allow the parts to air dry after I wash them (for some reason, wet pump parts don’t seem to work as well).

spectra pump parts on a white background

Replacement parts are available for most pumps (here are some for the Medela Pump in Style; here are the Spectra parts).

(Note: You should replace breast pump parts regularly, because they stop working as well over time. You may be able to get some replacement parts through your health insurance.)

4. Lactation Massager

A lactation massager is a device that vibrates and helps with two things – working out clogged ducts, and getting milk to letdown faster.

teal Lavie lactation massager on a white background

I recommend the lactation massagers by LaVie. (More on them here.)

(*Note: LaVie makes two lactation massagers – a smaller one with just vibration and a warming massager that has heat AND vibration. They are both super helpful – use the code EPUMP on their website for 10% off!)

5. Battery Pack for Your Pump

If you have a pump without a rechargeable battery (like the Medela Pump in Style or the Spectra S2), you’ll want to get a battery pack for your pump. This will allow you to pump wherever you need to, and not be chained to an outlet.

Talentcell battery pack on a white backgroundMake sure you get the right voltage for your pump. Most Spectra pumps are 12V (the TalentCell is the most popular option), and most Medela pumps are 9V).

More on the different types of battery packs here.

6. Breast Milk Cooler

If you’re going back to work, a breast milk cooler is essential!

Medela breast milk cooler full of breastmilk on a white background

If you’re not going back to work, then it’s still good to have so that you can bring bottles with you when you leave the house, or store after pumping on the go.

I used the basic Medela cooler (shown above) and it worked great.

Another option that works really well for pumping on the go – the Ceres Chill is a breast milk cooler that you can pump directly into! (Check it out here and use PUMPING15 for 15% off.)

7. Nursing (Pumping!) Cover 

Even if you aren’t nursing, a nursing cover can come in really handy. In your case, it is a pumping cover! This allows you to pump in public and not be a slave to being home or pumping in a public restroom.

Bebe au lait nursing cover hanging on a mannequin on a white background

I have pumped in a car, on a plane, in an airport gate, in a hospital waiting room, while playing poker (with a bunch of guys), etc., all while using a nursing cover. Other people can’t see anything (unless they are looking down on you), but you are able to see your pumping gear and make adjustments as needed.

I used a Bebe Au Lait cover. However, if you don’t want to spend the money for one, you can also get away with a big t-shirt or towel. It just depends on your comfort level and how often you need to pump out of the house.

8. Breast Pads

Breast pads can help with leaking. In the first month or two after having a baby, many people have issues with random letdowns. Without breast pads to protect you, these letdowns give you the attractive look of two wet circles around your breasts.

Black and white davin and adley nursing bra liner on a table

(Once, shortly after I returned to work, my milk let down when I was out to lunch with my boss without breast pads. This was less than ideal.)

I have tried a couple different kinds of breast pads (more reviews here), and my favorite is the Davin & Adley nursing bra liner because it stays in place better while you sleep.

Another option is a milk catcher like the Elvie Catch – it works like a breast pad in catching leaks, but you can save the milk for your baby.

9. Extra Bottles (Lots of Extra Bottles!)

If you are exclusively pumping, you need a lot of bottles. If you can swing it, I would recommend buying twice as many as your baby drinks in a day. This gives you one set to use and one set to pump into, and you can do one big batch of bottles a day instead of constantly washing.

three Medela bottles with breast milk in them on a white background

One key way to save time is to try to get your baby to drink out of the same bottles that you pump into. I got lucky and all of my little ones took Medela bottles.

However, if yours won’t, try to find one that they will take AND you can pump into. For example, I had success with screwing Dr. Brown bottles into the Freestyle pump parts.

(If your baby will only take a type of bottle that will not screw into the pump, then you’re out of luck – but it might be worth it to try again every now and then. Babies change really fast, and you never know!)

10. Breast Milk Freezer Bags

If you have any extra milk, you’ll want to freeze it in breast milk freezer bags.

box of lansinoh breast milk bags with two breast milk bags in the foreground on a white background

I used the Lasinoh bags, but I also really like the silicone reusable breast milk bags by Junobie. These bags are great because they don’t leak!

You can see reviews and pros/cons of lots of different breast milk storage bags here.

11. Honorable Mention: Other Little Things That Can Make a Big Difference

  • A Haakaa (or a milk catcher pump) is super helpful in a lot of situations – when you leak in the shower, when you have a clogged duct, and more!
  • A dedicated breast pump bag can be really helpful. (It doesn’t have to be a fancy breast pump bag – though those are nice – just any bag that you only use for your pumping gear will work.)
  • When you have to be out of the house for more than one pumping session, Medela Quick-Clean Wipes are perfect – you don’t have to find a place to wash and dry your pump parts. Just wipe them off and put them back in a ziploc bag until the next time.
  • The bökee is a little holder that you can put your bottles in. It will hold the bottles tightly enough that you can take the pump parts off and screw on the nipple one-handed. (So helpful when you can’t put your baby down.) It’s also great for putting your bottles in to avoid spills. Use EXCLUSIVEPUMPING10 for 10% off.
  • Coconut oil can help with pumping pain and dry skin. More on this here.
  • Some women find Pumpin Pals to be much more comfortable than normal breast shields. (More on these here.)
  • I used Mabel’s Labels to labels my baby’s bottles for daycare. They are super cute!
  • If you have a bigger breast pump, a more portable one can be super useful for pumping on the go or moving around the house.

Did I miss any of your essential breast pump accessories? Let me know below!



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