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Best Baby Travel Systems (Stroller Car Seat Combos) 2021

When it comes to buying baby equipment, invest in multi-functional products. Most experienced parents would tell you so. This way, you are not left with umpteen products your child has outgrown and have no use for. And it is for this reason, why you must consider investing in a baby travel system.

A travel system or a travel system stroller can help you strike two birds with one stone. You’ll be getting both an infant car seat and a stroller with one buy.  Not to mention it’s also more cost-effective. Which brings us to the next question- “which is the best travel system to buy?” This comprehensive review of the top baby travel systems of 2021 holds the answer.

What Is A Baby Travel System?

A travel system is a 2-in-1 combination of an infant car seat and stroller. How? By using a pushchair frame that can accommodate both a car seat, toddler seat, and even a carrycot. The highlight of this unit is that allows you to transport your child using the same unit.

Why Buy A Baby Travel System?

Here are some reasons why you should consider investing in a  travel system stroller:

Undisturbed sleep:

Babies tend to wake up when they are being transferred from their car seat to stroller or vice versa. With a travel system, you can attach and detach the carrier with your baby still sleeping in it. 


This versatile stroller car seat combo can keep your child safe at all times.  Some models have reclinable seats. This is more suited for newborns as they have poor head and postural control.

Economical and saves time and energy:

Think of all the time, energy, and money you save on research and purchase with this 2-in-1 model. A travel system consists of a stroller that grows with your child, giving you value for your money.

In short, a travel system is all you need from birth through toddlerhood to transport your little one. 

Types of Stroller Travel Systems:

Common types of travel systems include:

Lightweight Travel System:

As the name suggests these travel systems weigh light, around 25-30 pounds. Ideally, your stroller must weigh around 15 pounds or less, and the car seat 5 pounds for easy handling. The lightweight factor is what makes these systems appealing for use on public transit and for those with poor arm strength.

Rugged Travel System:

These are ideal for nature lovers who want to take their kids along with them on their hikes.  It has larger wheels that can handle different types of terrain like tracks and gravel,

Jogging Travel Systems:

Runners invest in the jogging travel system. These are light and easy to maneuver. With its easy push feature, you can get back to jogging, with your little one for the company. 

But it should be noted that a jogging travel system is different from a jogging stroller. The latter has extra features to keep children safe such as safety tethers, locking front wheels, and brakes. Even so,  some jogging strollers are compatible with car seats and can double up as a travel system.

Deluxe Travel System:

These are high-quality models with features that enhance their durability, versatility, and reliability.

Buying A Travel System:

You can buy a travel system in two ways:

  • As part of a package deal. This is more economical. It also guarantees the compatibility of the car seat and stroller as they belong to the same brand.
  • Create your system. Using adaptors, we can combine individual strollers and car seats from different brands. While this method allows you to mix and match brands, you should know that some brands may not be compatible. Also, it’s costlier than getting the 2-in-1 model.

travel with baby

Creating Your Travel System:

When creating a travel system, keep in mind the following factors:

Car Seat:

If you are using your car seat, check for its compatibility with your travel system chassis. You might also need to figure out how to fit it onto the chassis. Check to see if you need adaptors to secure the car seat onto the frame. Additionally, consider the:

  • Seat weight and dimensions and maximum weight recommendations for the child.
  • Compatibility with your car.

Stroller Frame: 

Check the stroller dimensions and make sure the car seat fits within the frame. Check to see how many adaptors you will need to install the car seat onto the frame.

Selecting A Travel System:

If you’re purchasing a regular travel system, here’s what you need to look out for:

Comfort and Safety: Look for models with:

  • Adjustable and convertible seats.
  • A carrycot that can serve as an alternate sleeping area for your child outside.
  • Canopies for protection from sun and other weather. You can choose from a wide range of canopies for sun protection. It ranges from full coverage to partial range coverage. Canopies also have a mesh window to increase air circulation and visibility.
  • JPMA safety seal, which indicates that the model adheres to the safety standards. The model must not have received a recall notice from either the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association or the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).
  • A five-point harness system. The harness helps to secure your baby at all the key points. This includes the shoulders, waist, and between legs, preventing the baby from sliding, or falling out.

Dimensions: The car seat must fit the baby until they are 32 inches tall or weigh 35 pounds. Strollers must accommodate children until they are around 50 pounds. Checking the height and weight limit of the unit can help you determine its period of usefulness.

Frame: Choose a model with a small lightweight foldable frame for easy storage and transport.

Ease of use: The model must be easy to install, and use. You’re less likely to use a model that is difficult to open or fold, or takes up time when you reattach the seat to the base. Choose units with a LATCH system (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children). This enables easy attachment and detachment of the car seat from the base and stroller frame.

Purpose: This can influence your choice of a system. For use on uneven terrain, you will need a model that has large, lockable, swiveling front wheels. For a smooth ride, you must choose between an air-filled, foam-filled tire, or models with a suspension system. Unlike foam-filled tires, air-filled tires require refilling.

Customer reviews: Choose a model with high customer ratings and safety ratings. It can give you a better idea of the pros, cons, and worth of the model in question.

Customer Support: Buying a product from a reputable company and with good customer service is invaluable when it comes to returning damaged or incorrect products. Also, ensure that the product has a warranty or return policy in place. This will protect you in case of receiving a damaged product.

The Best Travel Systems Of 2021

Bearing in mind these factors, we have reviewed and compiled a list of some of the best travel systems available to you:

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