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Benefits of Yoga Nidra for Sleeping Disorders and Insomnia

The ability to fall asleep is one of the easiest objectives to achieve with yoga nidra. This fact alone means it is an extremely important relaxation technique because the inability to sleep is a common side effect so many various forms of suffering. As soon as there is a crises to our health, or personal lives, the ability to sleep is one of the first things impacted, which only complicates the situation and leads to further problems. Yoga nidra provides a reliable way out by leading you through progressively deeper levels of relaxation so you can fall asleep and get the regenerative rest your body and mind need!

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4 thoughts on “Benefits of Yoga Nidra for Sleeping Disorders and Insomnia

  1. I have had insomnia and trauma that 2020 has magnified. I practice Yoga Nidra every night and sleep with my headphones. I usually wake up a few hours later and practice YN again. One day I hope to sleep through the night. Thank you so much for your time creating Yoga Nidra videos. Namaste

  2. I also try to sleep using your videos. However, I am not cured. Nothing has balanced or resolved. This is what I was looking for but have yet to find. This isn't the criticism it seems, as I actually like listening to them. My problem isn't getting to sleep it's waking up far too early and then not getting back to sleep. I then use these videos to relax rather then get back to sleep.

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