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Beginners Series: Cannabis and ADD ADHD


48 thoughts on “Beginners Series: Cannabis and ADD ADHD

  1. Eat blueberries, not caffeine. Lmao thank you, my "disease" is solved! You're right! It's all because of my cell phone. We all have it!
    Jesus christ. This video is a nightmare, and this woman is gaslighting people with a real neurological disorder.

  2. High cbd flower works wonders for my adhd, im horrible with starting multiple projects at once and my focus at work is 100% better since I started making my own edibles out of low thc high cbd hemp. Down fall though is cleanliness for work force. Hot piss does nobody good.

  3. I've tried normal medications for ADHD. All of them triggered a damn near psychotic break whenever I had to change my dosage. One of them may be not sleep, not eat, and be extraordinarily aggressive. Never again. Cannabis helps me feel like I have a normal brain. I can follow one train of thought to its natural conclusion. I can multitask better. I feel like my thoughts have slowed down, and that helps me not be so irritated all the time. I honestly don't know why marijuana, or cannabis isn't legal in certain states, but these terrible amphetamines can be prescribed to me at any time.

  4. Biggest thing for me is it combats my insomnia and hunger suppression with my medication and in terms of impulsiveness it completely levels me out, forgetfulness on the other hand…😅

  5. I have ADHD and smoke weed. It's useful to get rid of that restless feeling especially in the evening. I don't believe it helps with focus though, and wouldn't recommend it for most jobs.

  6. TL;DR: This video sucks and weed should not be used long term for ADHD (neither should any substance or meds).

    Terrible, absolutely dreadful video full of misinformation and gaslighting – at 7:20 it starts to become unbearable to keep watching as she just talks out of her ignorant ass about a neurological disorder she has no f***ing clue about.

    I have Inattentive subtype ADHD and all the meds give me anxiety afte 2 weeks of use and eventually make me depressed after a month. It’s the same with all antidepressants – they work well the 2 months, start to feel a bit numb by the 3rd month, then start to get more and more depressed by the 4th month. I’ve been self-medicating my ADHD, anxiety and depression with marijuana for a long time. It has become more of a dependency although I only smoke about 4-7 water-pipe puffs a day. Like everything else, marijuana was effective in the early stage (first 2 years) but overtime has become increasingly more detrimental to my motivation, productivity, cognitive abilities , memory, organization, planning skills, exercise (makes me lazy) and diet (makes me hungry when I shouldn’t be).

    I live in California so I’ve tried every strain and method of smoking under the sun. I’m trying to quit but have developed a psychological dependency – the physical withdrawal symptoms only last 1-2 weeks (strongest the first 3 days). So my only option is to go both weed and medication free + healthy diet + regular exercise + working on my hobbies. I’ve tried all the pills and drugs – they’re not a long term solution. This is not an easy or fun solution, but at this point it’s the only workable one left for me.

  7. Weed helps with impulse and emotional control. Also I have more abstract thoughts. But it does nothing for my motivation or focus. What I find better is a stimulant plus weed. So coffee + weed or adderall + weed=perfect, non anxious, top of the world me. I can focus but relaxed, my thoughts flow more coherently

  8. Been smoking since 11 years old (25 now) recently quit smoking regularly and noticed my thoughts are scrambled and I get distracted and bored by things as soon as I start. Also increased anxiety and panic attack/suicidal episodes. Idk if I should keep smoking regularly and drink beer lightly here and there or just deal with it

  9. Definitely helps me sleep and calm down, started using it for anxiety and depression, just found out about a week ago that I have ADHD, might try to see if there a medication that can work with it, it doesnt help with RDS, or using executive functions, but the sleep and calming down, omg

  10. Weed makes me paranoid tired and unmotivated and makes depression worse google 70 ways you feel better after quitting smoking weed and that will answer your question

  11. With full adult ADHD i can tell it does NOT help at all. In fakt next to attention problem im getting extrem tired and have no trive doing anything.

  12. Weed help when i started smoking i got my life together and started a business and today I have 4 streams of income and im stoned most of the year. Weed is the power that the world dont want you to have .

  13. Without weed I have no idea what my life would be like rn… I’m 22 and have GREAT job in the union and I’m surprisingly very responsible when it comes to work and such but after work when I’m back to normal world after a while without weed I can feel my natural impulses go way off the hook and it’s stressful and I get angry to wheee I could blackout if someone was being confrontational because of how mad I get. Weed saved me and I love it and I love my life with it

  14. This is idiotic!! ADHD is a highly genetic trait that's probably ancient, not "we create ADHD with mobile phones, creating a "weird symptom of our digital life"! JUST DANGEROUSLY IGNORANT BS being slung carelessly around!!!!

    You ignorantly undermine people's actual medical treatments which have withstood the demand for proof of efficacy through rigorous testing, double blind clinical trials and mountains of peer reviewed research support.

    Personally, pot helps me in a different way than Adderall, one isn't better than the other, they work in different ways, and pot can't come close to helping me in the ways Adderall does, and vice versa, and I look forward to the day when actual science has demonstrated, without conjecture, what exactly is happening, but that day has not arrived yet.

    You clearly don't understand how stimulants work on the varying types of ADHD brains differently than pot does and you are clearly way too ignorant to make a video claiming to be authoritative on the topic. You should take this dangerous piece of misinformation down and repost when you've actually educated yourself.

  15. I always disliked weed, when I finally took some adderral and nootropics, and very little vape sativa, it helps so much but after an hour I get sleepy, would be amazing to get the adhd enhancing effects without the later drowsiness.
    Before adderral and Vitamins, vape would give me anxiety.

  16. I'm constantly bored doing average things… It's just too boooring.. I can't do it every day. Will cannabis help me doing everyday boring activities? I'm a 45 year old mom, 2 degrees (who cares) I have several animals, studying on the side and moved to a foreign country to make the everyday lifestyle more interesting/fun/challenging. . but feel like a bored teenager..routine is NOT my thing 😑😑😑 got Add diagnosis BTW. Also don't understand "be careful with cbd", It never did much for me, tried 8 different (some high end pricy from Switzerland) brands and wasted a lot of money.

  17. I would like to see a better demonstration of adhd, if only it was as simple as focusing on the right or wrong thing. I don't feel this relates to me because it does not touch on my symptoms or how cannabis could affect them, like executive dysfunction for example.

  18. I self medicated with cannabis for a year or so but went through doctors too find a different solution as it is illegal here instead they gave me amphetamines seems like they have no brains

  19. I have adhd but everything around me is slow, I get frustrated when I'm not fast & motivated. I don't know whats best for me. I tried smoking but I felt sleepy & I was in my college classes.
    Anyone help me out?

  20. THC always, always gets out of control with me and exaserbates my ADHD. I'm experimenting with CBD products now with zero THC and it's been helping. I'm also on day 15 of THC detox. THC has just always been toxic for me, it's truly frustrating when people have such positive experiences and healthy relationships with THC they can't understand how toxic it can be for some like myself.

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