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Beginner Calisthenics Workout At Home (Full Routine)

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This video teaches calisthenics for beginners. It’s a full beginner routine that is designed to burn fat and build muscle at the same time. Beginners have a unique advantage where their body is highly responsive to exercise. If you’re just starting out, make the most of it and use full body circuit training to lean out while building some muscle mass. And it only takes a small investment to do this routine at home:

Dip station:
Pull-Up Bar:
Fitness Bands:

In this video I explain how to do 4×4 circuits of basic calisthenics exercises. The program is laid out in a weekly schedule with 3 workout days and 4 active rest days. I also explain exercise progressions and demonstrate a circuit.

I hope it helps you kickstart your journey!

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47 thoughts on “Beginner Calisthenics Workout At Home (Full Routine)

  1. The hinge here shows hip flexion. A real hingr pattern is hip extension. Bodyweight training is amazing but you need to pick things up and carry things. There is no calisthenics equivalent.

  2. Band pull-ups should be from the knee, foot holds don’t activate the abdomen and lateral muscles. Come on now ….

    That’s going to encourage pelvic tilt which you already have and cease thoracic extension

  3. Before I ask this question. I know I need to loose weight before I start calisthenics. My question is can I use weights in place of the other exercises that you've shown until I'm strong enough to do them?

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  5. Subscribed!!!! I’m very new to calisthenics! I used to suffer from drug addiction and have been clean for over 5 years but in that time I still was neglecting my body and mental health. I’m ready to make a change in my life!!!! Let’s go!

  6. I am 55, 5f4 petite, female, cyclist, runner, the problem is I am 100 lbs, always have been all my life. I am desperate for muscles i did tried many. Many times for many many years, changed my diet many times too, my morphology is tiny. My dr says that I am too weak to workout and lift weights, my muscles won’t develop and build strength, i can’t even do one push up, I have lots of cardio, I can ride 120 miles in one day or run half marathon. just no , no strength or very little in lower limbs. Is there any hope? I just pushed on subscribe, and I am gonna try this..

  7. Hey man i like your style and voice etc. I'd like to see some follow along workouts like in the style Mike Chang's morning flow routines – warm up – workout – stretch, kind of thing.

  8. Stumbled across this video, but absolutely love it. Simple and clear instructions, teaching the basics really well with no frills. I will definitely use some of your ideas in my workouts. For a relative beginner like me its a big help. Thank you.

  9. For those who prefer written instructions, here is what I gleaned from watching the video a few times.

    General Instructions
    – Start wherever you need to in the progression for each section. For example, some people might start with 1 for pull, push, and hinge, and 2 for squat.
    – Do reps until failure or you hit the target. The target is listed with the movement (eg pull-ups x10). Push and Hinge targets are all 10 reps.
    – Between reps, take a few deep breaths and start the next movement immediately if able. If you need more time between reps then take it. Remember, quality over quantity.
    – Rest for at least 2 minutes between circuits when first starting out. As you progress, reduce the rest to 1-2 minutes.
    – Level up when you are able to hit the target number of reps for a movement for all 4 circuits.

    (see video description)

    2 minutes of cardio, choose 1:
    1. Jumping jacks
    2. Burpees
    3. Mountain climbers
    4. Jump rope

    1. Bent-leg bodyweight rows with dip bar x10
    2. Straight-leg bodyweight rows with dip bar x10
    3. Pull up negatives x5
    4. Assisted pull-ups (with resistance band) x10
    5. Pull-ups x10
    6. Tucked front-level pull-ups

    1. Half squat (thighs almost parallel) x30
    2. Full squat x30 (optional calf raise)
    3. Hop squat x20 (target not listed in video but I've put 20 here to match what he says for lunges)
    4. Lunge x20
    5. Switching lunges
    6. Tuck-jump squats

    10 reps
    1. Wall push-ups
    2. Incline push-ups (use stairs, chair, etc)
    3. Standard push ups
    4. Diamond push-ups
    5. Archer push-ups
    6. Clapping push-ups

    10 reps
    1. Lying Tucks (lying on the floor with legs extended, tuck your knees into your chest)
    2. Lying leg raises
    3. Hanging knee raises
    4. Hanging leg raises
    5. Inverted leg raises (headstand with leg 'raises')

    – Move around, do something very light, don't just sit on the couch.

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