BEGINNER & ADVANCED LEG WORKOUT | 40 Min Follow Along - Dumbbells Only

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10 thoughts on “BEGINNER & ADVANCED LEG WORKOUT | 40 Min Follow Along – Dumbbells Only”
  1. THe way i hollered "Ashton, I cant go any longer, not one more squat" to which you responded with clapping hands "Cmon you got it" lol…. im sure i heard him say that…….. I made it through!!!! Thanks Ashton!!

  2. Your Exercise are very motivating and I’m glad I am doing my work out Weather it could be little or a lot I give thanks to you on this motivation thanks so much to you 🫵🏽👏🏽🫶🏽

  3. First day impressions:It arrived in a waist high box. Each dumbbell was in its own foam box within the shipping box. Everything was secure and in good shape. No weird smells. The weight changing mechanism is really smooth and straight forward. Changing weight is really fast and easy. Though the handle is plastic, I don't think it will be breaking anytime soon. So far pretty impressed after my first session with them. I was afraid they were going to be too wide at first, but I didn't have any issues with them while doing upright rows.

  4. Initially thought this workout was super easy until the third round. Thanks for this workout. Can i get tips on how to lose weight and niild miscle?

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