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Bacterial and Viral Conjunctivitis


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  1. my girlfriend has had burning, puss and discharge coming out of her eyes for almost 7 months now, she's tried prescription drops and nothing helps. She just went and seen an ophthalmologist and he said it was viral and nothing he can do. Yet, i've never gotten it, and it's been steady and constant ALL day EVERYDAY for months?!? will it ever go away? she is so depressed and can't go out and enjoy life

  2. Very nice lecture and this video helps me allot!!!! Will you plz upload one more video the histology of limbus(changes occur at corneoscleral junction) with microscopic picture

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  18. Ok so about (hyper)acute bacterial conjunctivitis, does it heal on its own? How much does it usually last? And about the hyperacute one and the complex terms you used about it (i'm not a doctor lol i coudn't understand everything) what should you do about it again and what is the difference between hyperacute and normal bacterial conjunctivitis? (If possible in easier to understand for non-doctor terms 😅)

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