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Back to School Crafts and Teacher Gifts

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Celebrate the start of fall with adorable back to school crafts that are super cute! Your kids will love making these fun school crafts that are perfect teacher gifts, too.

Apples and pencils and school buses, oh my! Back to school has never been this much fun!

As a kid, I remember loving to get back into school.

The possibilities the new year brings. The new schedule of things. Organizing all the supplies.

I may have been a geek my whole life now that I think about it.

My kids love this time of heading back to school, too.

Make back to school season even more special with fun art projects!

Back to School Crafts and Teacher Gifts

Back to school crafts don’t have to be just a part of school. You can do them at home, especially before the year starts!

Crafts would be such a fun way to get them excited about school.

And they could even take what they make into school to share with their teacher! A hand-made craft is a super sweet first day of school gift or way to share your child’s talents.

Here’s a week of back to school activities.

Here are some super fun back to school craft ideas we’ve done and found for you to try this back to school season.

Check out these fun and easy back to school crafts for kids to make!

Get Excited with Back to School Crafts at Home

These back to school crafts are intended for the kids to make. Don’t look for perfection, but look for the process and the fun they’re having and go with it!

Talk about the upcoming year ahead and what they’re most excited about.

If you love those ideas, you’ll want to check out these 42 apple crafts for kids to make too.

Back to School Crafts to Give the Teacher

These back to school crafts might take some help from an adult or older sibling. These are intended to give as a gift to the teacher on the first day of school.

Again, don’t worry about perfection. Their teacher is going to love your child’s touch to the project.

Make sure you take pictures of your child’s first day! That moment when they share their sweet gift with their new teacher is one to add to the scrapbook for sure.

Aren’t those back to school crafts so cute? Let us know which one you’re going to try first!

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