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Baby Bank Account Edition

On this week’s episode: Aymann, Elizabeth and Jamilah discuss their triumphs and fails for the week. Then they answer a question from a listener whose baby has received a lot of monetary gifts. At 5 months old, does her baby need a bank account?

Later, they share some tips to help you evaluate schools. Beyond testing scores, how do you determine which school you should send your child to? 

In Slate Plus: When to take a hands off approach vs. a hands on approach with your kids when you see them making a mistake. 


Elizabeth recommends listening to the Greeking Out podcast with your family. It’s a fun, kid-friendly podcast about Greek mythology!

Aymann recommends taking a break now and then to go stay with your relatives. Especially to those who have very young kids.  

Jamilah recommends making your own bone broth. All you need are chicken bones, water, some veggies, add a few spices and let it simmer. It’s easy, healthy and delicious! 

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Podcast produced by Morgan Flannery. 


Elizabeth Newcamp is a co-host of Mom and Dad Are Fighting. She’s a traveling mother of three boys who chronicles her misadventures at Dutch, Dutch, Goose.

Aymann Ismail is an award winning staff writer at Slate whose work focuses on identity and religion. 

Jamilah Lemieux is a writer, cultural critic, and communications strategist based in Brooklyn, New York.


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@aymanndotcom on Twitter

@JamilahLemieux on Twitter

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