Aubrey Plaza Reads Thirst Tweets

You asked, and we heard you. In honor of her new movie “Emily the Criminal,” we had the always-iconic Aubrey Plaza read …


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7 thoughts on “Aubrey Plaza Reads Thirst Tweets”
  1. People are truly sick. What the hell happened to our culture? Oh, that's right we don't all believe in objective truth and are addicted to porn and video games. I wonder how that happened

  2. Can we just ignore all the funny parts, and just admire how beautiful she is, she looks a lot like Natalie Wood, which was one of the prettiest Hollywood starletS

  3. While I do think Aubrey Plaza is an interesting and very handsome lady, she wouldn't be stabbing me. How weird. I went to a dominatrix once. Couldn't take the session seriously. Laughed my ass off, so did she. Found out I was a mild Dom and definitely not a sub. But still, even if you're a sub… Stabbing? WTF?

    I'd rather let her suck my toe, if I ever were that lucky. Why all the violence, folks?

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