ASMR [M4M] Your Therapist Asks You LOTS Of Personal Questions

Good afternoon everyone! I hope you guys are doing well this week. Today’s upload is a little different as it’s significantly longer than my other videos. Also, this was a video concept that I personally listen to a lot of so I decided to do my own take on it. Let me know what you guys think and thanks again for the continued support!


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28 thoughts on “ASMR [M4M] Your Therapist Asks You LOTS Of Personal Questions

    -Remember fifteen minutes could save your big head 15% or more on car insurance

    -get your lazy ass up, Eat and stay hydrated

    Another day Another approvalπŸ’…πŸΌ

  2. β€œAre you happy with your body image?”
    Of course, duh πŸ™„ I’m fit to become a super idol
    β€œAnd if you could change any one thing about your physical appearance, what would it be?”
    Nothing. I’m proud 😌

  3. Oh my, this is surely gonna be fun to listen to when I have the proper free time to enjoy it 😁

    I vaguely remember that we had a conversation back then when you had fewer subscribers, talking about duration of your contents since majority of them are <= 10 minutes long.
    Never tought I would see the day when you uploaded a content video with this kind of duration length, just like most of asmr rp channels which I subscribed to, albeit they're doing it more frequently.

    What is the reason which made you to upload a content video with considerably longer time duration than you usually does, Whispers?
    Like you could made them shorter if you want to, but you did not.

  4. i just appreciate the work you do honestly please keep going!! ❣️ i do struggle with mental health a lot and only went to one therapist, and it was a bad experience for me, so thank you for providing us with the video

  5. Hey, if you could integrate personal question type content into other OC that ain't a therapist, like it could be from older brother, or best friend etc etc, that would be great, Whispers! ☺️

    Just slip in some personal questions, without being as intensive as this particular video.
    Since a therapist's job is to ask their patient about most if not all of the things which related to the patient's mental health afterall.

  6. "I wish… my mother and father gave me a name like that"
    Well I chose my name. But it's not as nice as you think because i stole it from a fictional anime lawyer

    "Do you have any fixations or addictions?"
    I dont think you wanna ask that. If you mean general fixations on things as simple as a character, you'll never get me to shut up

  7. Have people ever made remarks of your physical image?
    Sigh… Yes
    Positive or negative?
    That's the issue i don't even know it's positive or negative to be honest 😒
    And how do you feel?
    Confused.. They called me pretty boy, feminine face, a guy face shouldn't be like mine, porcelain face.. Sometimes i feel like it's complimented but sometimes i feel like it was an insult..

    Man i need real therapist 😭

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