ASMR✨15 Trigger Combinations For Tingles, Sleep & Relaxation😴👊🏽✨Your Favorites✨(VIEWERS CHOICE💤)

thank you all for the tingly trigger combinations! I hope you enjoy. looking for extra content? exclusive videos? you are in the right …


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38 thoughts on “ASMR✨15 Trigger Combinations For Tingles, Sleep & Relaxation😴👊🏽✨Your Favorites✨(VIEWERS CHOICE💤)”
  1. Hey batala I've been watching u for 3yrs ur the only one who can calm me me down and relax seeing ur beautiful face make my heart feels so safe 🙂 <3 can u please bring back the "guilty pleasure" vids please 😮‍💨 when its soo good especially the licking ones was so tingly thinking about it gime tingles 🫶💕

  2. I stopped watching asmr about 5 months ago bc I was embarrassed that I listened to it every night. this is my first asmr I’ve watched since then n I fell asleep from just the intro💀💕, ur asmr is like magic frl 💗

  3. If we are talking extreeeeme intros I would say, Latta ASMR, Myaling ASMR and Zeitgeist. I like your intros though Batala. They are comforting ❤️

  4. Your intro is the best out of all it sounds so good and it helps me sleep and you video they are so good to and I have to ask u something do you ever fall asleep in your asmr videos

  5. Beauty point hands down has the most satisfying intro, i guess a second for me would be zac choi cause his is really satisfying too but beauty points intro is a mini asmr showing you the asmr your about to watch i hope that made sense 😂 anyways…

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