answering TMI GIRL TALK questions you're too scared to ask | big sister chats

your internet big sister to the rescue! answering your TMI GIRL TALK questions that you are too afraid to ask your friends, mom, sister, etc… let’s chat s3x, birth control, boy problems, relationship advice, friends with benefits, shaving, and moreeee! you asked me these on my instagram @chloerosenbaum so here’s my advice from a girl in her 20’s who learned the hard way!! you asked SOOOO many more so I want to do a part 2/3 – let me know if you’d want to see that in the comments because we can get DEEPER and JUICER in these chats!
xoxo, your internet big sis ❤️

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24 thoughts on “answering TMI GIRL TALK questions you're too scared to ask | big sister chats”
  1. Chloe Rosenbaum very interesting and lovely to hear from in the world how are you today The Boss Ladii awesome you tube 1st Beat in the world my Queen God baby is best cool best beautiful sweet home for a in the world possibly a better one for us beautiful awesome in the world sunshine in a in the world

  2. My word , can’t believe I listened to girl chat ! But because I’ve subscribed why not? It may help us guys understand women better? You are so grown up and make so much sense! Such a lovely voice to listen to! Not in a weird way haha your seem like the girl next door type! And very humble 🙏thanks doctor Chloe 👏👏👏Chloe for president 👍😂

  3. This really helped me because I don’t have a sister I only have an older brother who is really mean and your really pretty your hair looks amazing

  4. Hey Chloe, hope you don't mind me a guy watching this video. I thought it was educational, interesting and helpful so thankyou. Stay safe and everyone else watching this video. And to every single girl out there you are all amazing for the things you go through in life 👍😊

  5. I actually love the internet big sister videos because I only have an older brother and can’t really talk to my mother about these things. But I do unload a lot of things like this with my best friend. Even though he is a guy, we have a really good connection and can talk to each other about absolutely everything

  6. Love this, Chloe! I remember when I first discovered you halfway through my junior year of high school during Vlogmas 2020… so much has happened since then and I'm actually now in LA for college (although I technically just got placed in a hotel for quarantine today). There's so many things that younger me simply lived through your videos back then that I got to experience this past fall during my first semester at USC and it's so cool watching this now that I know and fully understand the advice you're giving (definitely nowhere close to truly internalizing and living by that advice though lol). ❤

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