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ANCIENT HINDU TRAINING 💪 (With Top Indian Athletic Coach)

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34 thoughts on “ANCIENT HINDU TRAINING 💪 (With Top Indian Athletic Coach)

  1. yes as you know in the mahabarata,arjuna and his brother bhima were beyond normal human.osho called it superconsious divine, in the times of krishna and mahabarata people were superhuman and could uproot trees, bhima would uproot whole trees and shake it,when his brothers would play in the trees!!!!

  2. osho in his online library actualy spoke of the times of krishna and the mahabarata he said in those times humans were superconsious/divine…..its time to become superhuman and gain super strength and powers,like hunuman and bhima had

  3. I want to be a international tennis player,winning the grand slam,I have started playing 15days back.I have set my aim forAO2020.I know law of attraction

  4. N , You are so Inspiring . Thx for taking time share . Could you do some videos on breathing techniques e.g. you say now do the SAMANA KUMBKA and burn the internal fire .Ialways thought that kumbaka was holding the breath . Thank you .

  5. As a Indian I am very glad to see people's from other cultural ethnicity is taking interest and spreading our ancient practice and culture. But if u don't mind can I ask u how a westerner like u get to wear the sacred thread around because in our culture you can only wear it if you are born into a specific clan and you need to perform certain rituals to keep wearing it.

  6. தலைவர் நித்தி அங்க என்னய்யா பன்னுறாரு?

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