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An Update on Covid-19 Testing, Treatments, and Vaccines

In this UCSF Medical Grand Rounds (July 30, 2020), we get updates on three key issues in the Covid-19 pandemic. Chaz Langelier reviews testing, including test shortages, false positives and negatives, and the meaning of persistent PCR positivity. Annie Luetkemeyer offers an update on treatments, including remdesivir, dexamethasone, convalescent plasma and antibodies, interferon, hydroxychloroquine, and the prospects for oral therapies. Finally, Joel Ernst reviews the latest information about vaccines, including trials of the Moderna and Oxford vaccines, our growing understanding of Covid-19 immunity, the ethics of challenge trials, and determination of priority groups once a vaccine is approved. The session is hosted by UCSF Department of Medicine chair Bob Wachter.

Bob Wachter: Introduction
00:05:30 – Testing: Chaz Langelier, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases at UCSF Health
00:23:35 – Q&A
00:27:20 – Treatments: Annie Luetkemeyer, Professor of Medicine, Division of HIV, ID and Global Medicine at ZSFG
00:48:36 – Q&A
00:52:43 – Vaccines: Joel Ernst, Professor of Medicine and Chief of Division of Experimental Medicine at ZSFG
01:12:30 – Q&A
01:15:18 – Panel Discussion
01:28:43 – Bob Wachter: Closing

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47 thoughts on “An Update on Covid-19 Testing, Treatments, and Vaccines

  1. Given Bill Gates' "U.S. tests are all garbage:" Consider relying on physician clinical judgement and patient report of symptoms and exposure until the Michael Mina $1/ frequent-paper-test strategy is implemented?

  2. A clever idea I read was to research if exposure to a related but very mild coronavirus may induce immunity against the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Could this be a safer faster cheaper alternative to vaccination? Has this been tried in animals or republicans? Hehe joke joke.

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  4. The difference between career political epidemiologists like Dr. Fauci and organisations like JAMA and WHO desperately trying to remain relevant and in power and the actual honest non-politicized scientists in the world, are worlds apart. listen to what the leading microbiologist that make the vaccines is actually saying about a vaccines availability likelihood and effectiveness, what is now known from the data how weak virulence this virus actually has and who is at risk and should be taking precautions, while the rest allow herd immunity to run its coarse to acquire T-Cell antibodies immunity to snuff the virus.

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  6. I bet the biggest promoter of vaccines Dr. Paul Offit will not be getting this vaccine. All of a sudden he wants placebo controlled trials for this vaccine when he knows there are never any placebo controlled trials for childhood vaccines. Now that medical personnel will be the first to get this vaccine, he does not want it.

  7. HydroxyChloroquine study from WHO and Oxford have used 10 times the acceptable dose for Malaria
    The Belgium study with 200mg dose was be 25 to 30% improved mortality rate.
    And at such high dose of HC, obviously some people will.die from over dosage.
    And the study that shown HC can cause hear attack has retracted their study due to possible manipulated data.

    How do you reconcile some success with HC at other countries?

  8. The US and Australian governments are denying us inexpensive and effective treatments that would eliminate the need for a lockdown and not cause destruction of our societies. They are actively supporting policies that cause suffering and death. HCQ, Azitheromyosin and zinc are effectively used in Central and South America Europe and countries of the Middle East. This is an attack on democracy.

  9. I am a Mount Sinai (New York City), and Ohio State University trained Physician. Vaccine makers honestly say that vaccines may be effective in 50–70% of cases. I believe, we need a multi pronged approach to fight the viruses. Here is a Maneuver for PREVENTION of respiratory infections from viruses and bacteria:

  10. Once a vaccine is found and economies around the world stabilise, there needs to be a coalition of countries who have had their economies impacted by Covid, to get China to pay an international fine, for this man-made CCP virus being intentionally let out of China.

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  12. NEW STUDY: Vitamin D Saves Lives in critical COVID-19 patients.

    In Spain 76 patients admitted to the hospital with severe cOVID-19 symptoms received standard medical treatment with and without vitamin D.
    50 patients received vitamin D and only 1 (2%) of the 50 was admitted to the ICU. All 50 survived
    26 received NO vitamin D and 13 (50%) Became critical and went to the ICU. Three of the 26 died.

    Basically as research accumulates it is becoming more clear that vitamin D is a lifesaver in COVID19

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  14. What has been happening is sheer evil in its entirety in many ways and the greatest hoax yet in the history of the world and its people according to many now. The science and the known independent information does not comply with the so-called facts being churned out by governments across the world with their statistics and Covid-19 has to be seen as a mere part of a global mindset of divide, conquer and control, as those at the helm of all this have only one thought, "how can we become even more richer and more powerful" and what is in reality the sociopathic and psychopathic mind of the those who think that humanity is just a mere word.

    "Confronting Pandemic Influenza : "Just Don’t Let It Start in the first place" – the "Proactive Strategy" and NOT the "Reactive Vaccine Strategy" –

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  18. This study seems to be limited by the NIH on all phases. They did not even consider using other medications that could help and remdesivir is given to the patient after its too late and its limited supply which is unreal. I did not realize that the NIH and ither research centers were so controlled by nonsense overseers who delay progress.

  19. Love this presentation but it's distracting that the presenter had to keep saying "next slide please" . It's 2021 now and we have the technology to do slide presentations that don't require such manual intervention.

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