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  1. I suffer from this condition and it is the most annoying thing. When I was 14 I had an operation for it as my nostrils are very close together. So I was snoring but now I am here in Scotland and suffering badly from pollen.

  2. Sir mughe sardi jukaam aur khasi pichhle 2 mahine Se hai. Mai jab tak medicine le rhaa hu Sab thik ho jaata hai . Lenin medicine band karne Ke next day mughe fir Se khasi shuru ho jaati hai fir jukaam ho jaata hai

  3. Ok question a patient is not born with allergies but travels to another country and gets allergies. How does an Allergist determines the patient as a result from traveling got allergy from that country.
    By the way numerous of patients who travel in that country have it who previously did not have it.

  4. I could use some input from anyone whom has suffered from what I had diagnosed as allergic rhinitis what was originated from deep cleaning. The home where I was cleaning had incessant amounts of the yellowish tar with everything laden with it. I cleaned the home almost daily for 4 months and was diagnosed with allergic rhinitis. I took 2 series of antibiotics, 1 steroid, 2 months of Probiotics, most every OTC allergy pill, 2 or 3 nasal sprays. I used zinc throat lozenges, Zinc supplement, etc. and still have the throat irritations along with dry mouth sometimes. There's a considerable amount of mucus,coughing at times,but it's a dry cough from the dry throat. Sneeze very hard at times. My sinuses often are uncomfortable where the bridge of my nose is sore even. At times my ears feel stuffy. It's a week before Thanksgiving and this has been going on since last December and I don't have enough money to go back to the doctor. I seriously don't want to take more antibiotics anyway as they are not good in excess. My mouth becomes painful at times. I've even cried with the pain a few times. It's not always that severe.

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