All Men Should Get DNA Tests | All Women Should Oblige Happily

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22 thoughts on “All Men Should Get DNA Tests | All Women Should Oblige Happily

  1. I beat my man to wanting to get a DNA test. I didnt care. He constantly said no, but I'm still open and our daughter is 3 almost 4. That shit don't bother me at all.

  2. Another comment: I'm a mental health counseling, specifically marriage and family therapy. I spoke with this woman who is 59 yrs old. Somehow we got on the topic of genetic testing, specifically the 23andme. Now my concern with the test is that it doesn't help distinguish identity for Black people, as if uou have 10% of another race, you are therefore considered to be both Sub-Saharan African and that other race…I digress.

    Now this 59 yr old woman said "yeah those test are something because I just found out I have a different father than my sibiling…Im the middle child 🥴😩.

    She said her biological father died and her mother is still alive, but hasn't admitted to cheating. She was laughing. She has deep roots in the Carolinas. I won't give much of her identity except that but her family is well known, speaking about her father. It's wild!

  3. Dudes still don't take care of their kids after paternity is confirmed.

    How about teach men to have self respect and stop having 4, 56 and 78 bms…. too many poor men having babies like Future and NBA young boy out here.

  4. I’m married and currently expecting, if my husband asked for a paternity test, i would happily oblige, I am proud to prove his lineage and legacy. He has had two women pin children on him that years later when he asked for paternity tests, because the kids are growing up and they don’t look like him at all, they stopped contacting him. They are trying to play the “offended” role. Says a lot. Needless to say his life is a lot more peaceful and he tries to thank me for that. I told him that was all him setting his boundaries.

  5. I know of a woman who(in her younger years) had an “immaculate 304 phase”.

    Fast forward…now she has anxiety, has hang ups about sex, and overweight and she’s only 29…

  6. Why get offended when someone tells you what they see, actions Always speaks louder than Words…I’m gonna use my right..and if one doesn’t like being critiqued, then don’t publicize

  7. You dont need her permission. No legal consent is required. Just a quick swab on the child's inner check, send it back to the lab and youre done. No fuss, no drama.

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