Al Capone's Life Was More Tragic Than You Realized

The life of Prohibition-era gangster and businessman Al Capone has often been the major subject of countless articles, books, and films. There have been numerous actors who have played the infamous crime boss over the years.

Robert De Niro, Jason Robards, F. Murray Abraham, and Eric Roberts are among the many actors who have brought Capone to life on the screen. Capone’s image has continuously influenced pop culture and the stereotypical image of mobsters in movies.

But for all the flash and glamour of Al Capone, he actually lived a life filled with tragedy. He was a gangster for a reason and we’ve made a video that takes a deep dive into the tragic life of Al Capone.

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Scarface | 0:00
Brother vs. Brother | 1:35
The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre | 3:03
The Untouchables | 4:17
Death vs. Taxes | 5:29
Capone in prison | 6:13
Jailhouse Rock | 7:21
Death in Florida | 8:26
The Mystery of Al Capone’s Vaults | 9:03

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