ABC News Investigates Controversial Diet Shake Company Herbalife

Hidden camera catches startling health claims made by some distributors.


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40 thoughts on “ABC News Investigates Controversial Diet Shake Company Herbalife”
  1. Technically it could help heart disease and a woman get pregnant depending upon the underlying issue. Let’s say hypothetically I’m overweight and I began using Herbalife meal replacement shakes which in turn helps me loose weight. Is it false to say Herbalife played a part in my healing.

  2. I am an ayurvedic doctor from India. Being ayurvedic doctor I never wish to eat chemicals or any product, but I decided to try herbalife product to lose some weight as I am slightly overweight. honestly it worked this is my 2nd month. in 1st month I lost 3kg. I did not follow strict diet otherwise may be I could lose 1_2kg more. I did not find any side effects or ill effect. I am not here to promote or advertise it but yes if it helps to lose weight without any side effect then indirectly it will help in those disease which main cause is obesity like if someone is having infertility because of pcod resulting from obesity then if she loses her weight with herbalife then she get regular period & get pregnant so indirectly its helping to treat disease.

  3. I use some Herbalife products and I have lost weight and kept it off. This like any other supplement or diet depends on the person. With ANY diet, even Weight Watcher, Nutrasystem, etc, if you go back to your old eating habits you will gain your weight back.

  4. I have used it,lost weight and I understood that eating healthy is what makes you feel good.I have nothing but good words to say about it.At the time you reach the weight you want,you already know and are able to get into a healthy "eating style" so to speak.Someone here says that we should know that in order to lose weight it's all about the calories deficit.True, but replacing a meal with a shake wasn't bad at all for me,since I work a lot,and was easy to prepare and has nutritious value.Once I stopped taking the shake,I replaced them with quick,healthy meals,that they've actually taught me about,when I started the program.I love Herbalife. 🙂

  5. I'm not standing up for them, but I think that if you tell people that something did a particular thing for you or has a certain effect, it is just you sharing your experience of the thing. It isn't making medical claims…😕🤔

  6. It suppose to be a nutrition diet not protein alone but a balance meal but I am see ppl making their own confession on how it work for them not the company fault they providing work what the others doing hmmm they upset they did not come up with the idea

  7. In India some online fitness classes are doing wrong with this business they sold it in triple price . And I saw Herbalife products on Herbalife sites really less than they told us and they also charged extra fees for how to consume Herbalife

  8. May I ask though as an interested customer? Is changing your diet per a nutrition doctor not supposed to improve your general health per your health needs? And is leading a more healthy life, with or without supplements not "supposed" to improve your general health? If yes, can we not assume that Herbalife also as a supplement is meant to support your dietary needs, supported with healthy lifestyle choices can therefore affect your health condition positively, well or not? Just asking. BTW I am a customer and I'm trying to get others views before I commit

  9. I honestly think it's like a placebo effect because I've tried the air life shake and it does nothing to me but for other people they say that they lost a lot of weight they care they're sickness in a lot of things but we have to be really careful what are we put in our trust in and my Holy Spirit I pray for everybody who's going through disease sickness pain God bless you may Jesus Christ heals you in Jesus name I pray my my Holy Spirit Peace Love and love

  10. This popped up right after watching a Herbalife commercial 🤣👍 100% MLM, baby. Put that hard earned money right back into your pocket, folks. Go buy some celery and blend it. Same thing, far cheaper.

  11. I use herbalife. It was a great help to my help because they will educate you on how to make yourself becoming healthy even you stop using their products. It actually help me with my UTI to lessen, I dont drink water a lot before thats why I had a UTI and now it was lessen because they help me the important of taking water and also other facts that you need to know in order to be healthy and at the same time they dont deprived you of eating anything you want, instead they help me EAT in portion wherein I can still enjoy other bad foods.

  12. i use herbalife,my results i feel happyr and more energie,it dont cure my epileptie,its just healthy foofd no problems here, stil use my medicaction for ilnes🤩🤩🤩better than fastfood and redbul😉

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