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A Wakeup Call – Heather’s Story of Anaphylaxis

Heather Braverman, age 19, shares her experience with an anaphylactic reaction and what she learned about not hesitating to use epinephrine, the first line treatment for anaphylaxis.

Heather was diagnosed with a nut allergy when she was just two years old, and avoided severe allergic reactions for 16 years. Then, when she was 18 she was eating dinner at a restaurant and started having symptoms. After taking an antihistamine, she went to the hospital, where her symptoms progressed and her throat began to close. At that point she was given a dose of epinephrine, which immediately alleviated her symptoms.

Dr. Scott Sicherer, pediatric allergist at the Jaffe Food Allergy Institute comments on how you shouldn’t wait until your throat is closing or you feel faint to use epinephrine, as the medicine needs time to circulate.

Heather learned from this experience that you must speak up for yourself and know exactly what to do in case of an allergic reaction. You don’t want to leave it up to assumptions; work with your doctor to develop an emergency plan and to understand different scenarios and symptoms so you feel comfortable responding.

This powerful video is important to share with people with food allergies, especially teenagers, who are at the highest risk for fatal food allergy reactions.

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34 thoughts on “A Wakeup Call – Heather’s Story of Anaphylaxis

  1. Diclofenac caused it twice, a horrible feeling when losing consciousness ☹️
    The strange thing that I've took Diclofenac after my 1st time without any issue but the 3rd reaction was deadly.

  2. I'm currently in the hospital for Anaphalactic Shock. I got bit by a tick that stays on mammals (4 legged animals) it hopped off and bite me injecting the venom inside of me. Now whenever I eat mammals my whole body gets hives all over them, my blood flow constricts to my heart, and I get a heart attack. This disease will eventually go away but for now I just can't eat mammal. I'm currently in the hospital bed typing this right now because I accidentally ate mammalian meat, I will be out tomorrow but I almost died this time because my heart stopped.

  3. Maybe that was your trade-off for being RIDICULOUSLY HOT ??? You can't have it all Heather, don't be greedy. Now me? I can eat WHATEVER I WANT!!! But I'm ugly as the day is long. My head looks like that skinny weird pumpkin no one ever picks at Halloween so it got rotten and then some kid whacked it with a stick a few hundred thousand times… So yeah… life is hard. We don't all have an easy life… I forget why I am commenting… OH YEAH! Heather is a total babe… 😍😍😍 Sucks she cant eat cake… Cake is pretty bomb… at least Chocolate cake… and Angel Food is good too. OoOh…Amanda is kind of cute too. So that's what I got from this video… Cute girls cannot eat cake or peanuts and I still don't feel bad for them. But that waiter was a dick. Giving peanut sauce to those girls… asshat… Girls, tartar is gross. Don't eat that crap.

  4. Now in Biden world nobody can afford the epipen because he jacked the price back up. I hate biden. Trump had that price fixed reasonably, and that assclown jacked it up again.

  5. Am I the only one that thinks they might be having an allergic reaction I don’t wanna call 911 cause idk but I don’t have an epiPen because I’m always safe and the last allergic reaction was my first one and was 11 years ago and my mom thinks I’m overreacting but idk

  6. i have egg and nut allergies and j was just recently in the ER and had a severe allergic reaction. the waitress said the burger i ate had NOTHING in it and she was sure nothing was in it. yet the second i ate it my throat started swelling and i needed and throat started swelling and i felt so sick it was horrible.

  7. I am allergic to sesame and sunflower and it's in everything!! Bread, sauce, literally everywhere. I accidentally consume once a year no matter how careful I am and I never realized that hives, itchy throat and vomiting means it could be fatal!

  8. Around May 2021 I was officially diagnosed with milk allergy from an allergist, did the skin test and blood test. Before the food allergy test he told me to do 14 day food diary and write down things what I ate and any reaction following it. Since 2013 I would vomit anything that has any dairy products violently and having painful abdominal cramps along with itchy watery eyes and runny nose. I though I must be lactose intolerant. Few months I end up at ER with anaphylaxis. Since I cut all dairy products, I feel much better than before.
    Some people thinks that food allergy is just a trend like trying to lose weigh or Im just a picky eater. Im educating people around me the dangers of food allergies from mild to severe reactions. Plus I should them how to administered epi-pen properly with using epi-pen trainer. Now I have cooking more at home and using oat milk

  9. I have idiopathic anaphylaxis. (anaphylactic shock for an unknown reason) the pain is just so bad and I still don't know why. I'm on a diet and might have a histamine intolerance but I really don't know. its just so scary, and it can happen at anytime. after I eat, when I wake up, after not eating anything, after exercising, there's no pattern.

  10. I became intolerant to crab suddenly in my late 20’s it was first it was gi pain and suffering then the last time I accidentally are it (in a dip) I nearly died extreme stomach pain vomiting and total delirium one hour after consuming is this an allergy or something else?

  11. I had Anaphylaxic Shock from a medicine LISINAPRIL but wasn't aware that it caused Anaphylaxic Shock. I had been on that medicine for over a year. I

    I felt something strange go off like a burst of a explosion inside my head around my nose. Instantly I felt my nose swell up and ran to the bathroom & my nose was getting really swollen.

    Then my throat started to close up, so I ran outside told my husband to call 911 because I'm having an allergic reaction to something and my airway is closing up. The nearest hospital was only 3 mins away. By law that's where you go is to the nearest hospital for extreme emergencies.

    The last thing I remember was hearing a doctor say "if we don't INTUBATE her now she's going to die" . Then 3 days later i started waking up & the Doctors were taking out my breathing tube, I was on a ventilator for 3 days. That's when my nightmare actually started.

    I was alive and grateful please don't get me wrong. But, it took an anesthesiologist almost 20 mins to put me under. My husband and kids kept hearing on the PA saying they needed the anesthesiologist STAT to the ER. When my kids were able to see me in ICU my oldest son saw the nurse dig out my ID Wristband from the garbage can to then attached it to my bed.

    My oldest daughter walked in on a nurse without any doctors around trying to almost take out my breathing tube out on the second day. Mind you I was still very swollen. My daughter question her what she was doing, and the nurse played dumb.

    By the third or fourth day I was still obviously sedated from all that medicine I was on. A nurse came in and said "Hi Maria, it's time for your medicine " my name ISN'T MARIA!! 😡

    My oldest daughter was there and said to the nurse that's not Maria that's my mom. The nurse said that's Maria.

    My daughter raised her voice some and said THAT'S MY MOM & said my name. The nurse said well her name is on the board.

    My daughter said that was from the last patient that was here before my mother!

    They could of killed me or i could of had a reaction to someone else's medication!!

    They put me in a room with some older woman who kept screaming she wanted out, to let her go. If you've never been on some strong medicine it can give you some nightmares like your hallucinating. That's what happened to me. I thought this woman got out of her bed and was trying to come over to my bed to smother me.

    My husband tried like hell to transfer me to our hospital that we go to, UofM Hospital in Michigan. It's the BEST hospital in Michigan.

    Then I developed a rash on my right side but didn't noticed it until I got home.

    My husband and daughter asked the doctor if I would need an epipen. The Doctor said NO, she doesn't need one. I was there for 7 days!

    I was literally discharged, & my husband took me to UofM Hospital to get checked out and make sure I was OK. The first thing the ER Doctor said to me was YOU NEED TO CARRY AN EPIPEN with you ALWAYS!

    Needless to say I had a HORRIFIC NIGHTMARE at that hospital. I've started having night terrors, I couldn't leave my house because I was so scared something was going to happen again to me and I would end up at that hospital again. See, I had to wait almost a week to get my epipen because they didn't have any.

    I couldn't wear mask's because I felt like I was being suffocated. Anytime I was near a Doctor's office or the hospital I would start to shake, cry, & felt like I couldn't breathe. I couldn't have my husband far from me because I was beyond frightened.

    My family doctor said I had PTSD from almost dying and then what I went through at that hospital. I see a therapist to help me with my PTSD and I'm not having a many night terrors.

    But, I still shake, cry, & feel like I can't breathe when I have any doctor appointments. I actually passed out when I had an MRI done. I woke up in the ER side & they said I was saying DON'T PUT ME ON A VENTILATOR!

    The mind can be very complex when faced with such terror.

    Then literally under a month, my husband got sick. He bled internally due to his medical condition. He was on a ventilator breathing tube for 3 days and in the hospital for 6 days. But thank God he was at UofM Hospital. He had to have surgery done called a TIPS PROCEDURE. He is still recovering but getting stronger everyday. I'm doing better and getting stronger as well everyday.

    I just started back to work and trying to save money for a Gently Used Motorhome so my husband and I can go travel to see our son in the Military Air Force. He's stationed in Louisiana BAFB. We haven't seen him since this July and we won't see him probably until next year. He doesn't think he can make it for Christmas time.

    I don't fly, I'm scared of flying. Renting cars and paying for a hotel adds up etc. So. That's why we have a Gofundme Campaign Page so if people can donate to help us out that would be beautiful.

    Bottom line I'm grateful for the doctors that saved me. I look at life through a different pair of glasses. I am grateful for my husband, kids, grandkid's, & family and friends. Because I almost didn't make it.

    Life is precious and enjoy it while your time is here on earth. You never know when God will call you home!

    Love you all and if your able to donate we thank you kindly. God Bless you all! 🙏

    Love, Rosemary ❤🙏

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