Today is my birthday, my thirtieth birthday. Wait, what? That is so weird to type.

Hi, I’m Hillary and I’m in my thirties. Nope, even more weird.

I’m finally starting to understand the saying “age is just a number” because honestly, today, in this moment, I still feel as though I’m somewhere in my mid-twenties (these photos were taken a few days after my 25th birthday – time flies!). I’m guessing this has to do with the societal implication that at 30 you feel secure, confident, settled. But even though I’ve crossed the line into this new decade, I still have my moments of feeling unsure, un-settled… undoubtedly so because I decided to shake up the last couple years of my twenties.

It’s wild to think I started this blog when I was twenty years old… 10 years ago! I’ve written in this online space every year in my twenties, chronicling various parts of the second decade of my life. As I reflect on my twenties, these are the moments and milestones that stick out in my mind, contributing to who and where I am today. #THISIS30

My 20s

college: graduated with a B.S. in Nutrition Science

Chico, California: my home + community for 8 of 10 years

this blog: started in my third of year of college, November 10, 2009

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co: grateful and humbled for my first “real job” after college — 6 years of work and growth that were better than I could have ever imagined

certified health coach: continued my education in wellness + early days of exploring entrepreneurship

running + races: a joy and centering pastime that peaked in my early twenties

divorce: navigated the feelings of newly separated parents + eventually said goodbye to my childhood home

anxiety: resurfaced with a bang in my mid-twenties and has continued to teach me the most about myself

Europe: mother-daughter 2-week adventure around France, Italy, Switzerland and Sweden – the trip of a lifetime!

engaged in Washington DC: a significant moment in my life

un-engaged: the most difficult decision I’ve made to date

Kauai: 2 memorable family vacations I’ll never take for granted

military lifestyle: entered my life at age 26, something I never expected nor imagined

cross-country road trip: chose spontaneity over security (a rare choice!), and closed out 2017 with a 3,200-mile, 7-day trip from Chico, CA to Tampa, FL

Florida: home place of residence for 1.5 years — moved out of state for the first time (entirely across the country!) and experienced life outside of my comfort zone

My 20th Birthday // Arcata, CA

29 + 10 months (My Mom’s Birthday) // Tampa, FL

June 19, 2019 | Q&A

What do you do for a living?


  • work as a Virtual Assistant providing creative support for wellness brands/bloggers
  • work with Beautycounter, a B Corporation with the mission to change the game in the beauty industry through education, transparency, and high-performing safer personal care products

Where do you live?

in an old rental house surrounded by lush trees and greenery where I hear owls and birds sing daily… a gold nugget in this ugly, busy, commercialized suburb of Tampa, Florida

Do you love yourself?

not enough

What is your favorite word?


Who is your best friend?


What makes you smile?

my sweet as can be dog, Koba

Do you think you are strong?

I do, entirely!

How many states and countries have you visited?

states: 24 // countries: 7

What does your ideal Saturday look like?

sip coffee outside with my pup at my feet, get in a sweaty workout at the gym or go for a run, stock up on local produce from the farmer’s market while sipping an iced oat milk matcha latte, hit the trails for an afternoon hike with my crew, then happy hour with my beau or girlfriends… and cap the night with an episode of The Bachelorette in my sweats

What are you looking forward to most in your thirties?

starting a family (hopefully!)


So… hello 30, day 1. I’m treating myself to a haircut and pedicure and then will probably go out with Nick this evening. Tomorrow we hop on a plane to California where I’m spending the weekend in Tahoe with three of my girlfriends (take me to the mountains!) followed by a week of visiting family.

To a new decade!

xo Hill

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