DNA Genetics Challah Bread. Holy Grail Kush x Kosher Kush. (Courtesy DNA Genetics)

Good morning, seed junkies and bean basement dwellers. This week, we’re reporting live from Lonikai on the east side of Oahu, Hawaii; smoking on some Hella Jelly, and Dosi-Tree. Cannabis contest season is heating up, and the seed releases keep coming as planting gets underway in North America. Here’s Leafly’s first edition of Strain News Weekly—like Politico’s Playbook, but for genetics professionals and aspiring amateurs.

Top strain news

Hippie Hill 2022. Several thousand are expected this year. (David Downs/Leafly)
Hippie Hill 2022. Several thousand are expected this year. (David Downs/Leafly)

A live pay-per-view ‘King of Z Hill’ cannabis competition comes to San Francisco’s Hippie Hill April 20. The winner’s purse? $40,000.

The world-leading Emerald Cup has begun issuing its judges packs, with the lauded awards ceremony set for May 13 in Richmond, CA.

And LA’s hottest exotic cannabis contest—Greenwolf’sZalympix—recently announced its official contestant lineup. That’s the best of California right there. Judges’ kits will drop in May.


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Notable seed & flower drops

TikTok (Fatso x Snowman) by Cannarado.

Rainbow Z (Z x RSF2 #77) by Deo Farms and Terphogz Geneticz.

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Zlush Runtz by Tiki Madman and Terphogz Geneticz

Cereal Milk 6-pack by Exotic Genetics.

Z Face (Zkittlez x Face Off OG) by Archive Seed Bank.

Pave S1 (Paris OG x The Menthol) by Raw Genetics.

Peach Fuzz by Dying Breed Seeds.

PB Diesel (East Coast Sour Diesel x Peanut Butter Runtz) by Thug Pug Genetics.

Squirt (auto, Blueberry Muffin x Tangie) by Humboldt Seed Co.

Humboldt Seed Co Squirt grown by d2 Farms (David Downs:Leafly)
Humboldt Seed Co.’s Squirt. (David Downs/Leafly)

TK Jealousy #21 x Wilson F3 by Masonic Seeds.

Carbon Candy (Carbon Fiber x Gushers) by Cannarado.

Challah Bread by DNA Genetics.

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Meme moment

How many types of Runtz are out there now?


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News stories we liked

Chris Lynch, formerly of Compound Genetics, opens up to Forbes about having Parkinson’s Disease. 

“Breeders who Lynch looks up to in cannabis include Bodhi, Cannarado, Karma Genetics, Cricket and Cicada, Obsoul33t, Jigga, Deo Farms, Coastal Seeds, and Top Dawg.”

“Look for seeds of Red Lebanese x The Puck Hashplant BC1 F2 incorporated into the fold of Lynch’s prized creations in the coming years.”

Upcoming seed/clone/flower releases

Sigma Series from Exotic Genetics, out March 31.

Red Eye (Lemon Cherry x Permanent Marker) from Seed Junky Genetics.

(Courtesy Seed Junky Genetics)


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Quote of the Day

“Originality consists in returning to the origin.”

Antoni Gaudi

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