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A Neuroanatomist On The 4 Different Ways Your Brain Operates

Our left brain organizes information across time, so our left hemisphere organizes information about the external world taking into account our past and future temporal orientations. Our left thinking tissue is what I call Character 1, and this is the conscious and rational part of our brain that naturally organizes, categorizes, and thinks in language.

Part of our language is our ability to say “I am,” so it represents the ego part of our brain and filters all incoming information through the filter of our individual self. Our left thinking brain also defines the boundaries of where we begin and end—as it constructs a holographic image of our body. As a result, we define ourselves as a single, solid entity that is separate from others and has an individual identity.

Our Character 1 thinks methodically, defines what is right and wrong, good and bad, and likes to control people, places, and things. It is essentially our alpha or A-type personality and enjoys being not only the boss but needs to be “right.”

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